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This is the third of a three part series on my friend and author Charity L. Maness.  This is a ex cert from her book HopefullyHopefully is a wonderful love story with all the ‘clumsiness’ of real life, the pain and friendship we experience everyday, and also the love and kindness that makes all of our hearts swell.

At the bank I say to the teller cheerfully, “I would like to cash my paycheck please.  This is my first paycheck.  I worked.  I have a job.  Do I got a paycheck.  It’s all mine.” The teller looks awfully nervous and call over the manager.  I think something must be wrong with my very first paycheck and I start to panic.  “Is there something wrong?  Is there money in the account?  This is my first paycheck and its all mine.  Please say there is nothing wrong.”  I plead with the manager.

The manager leans across the counter lays her hands on my hands that I am wringing and says quietly, “You need to calm down a little Mrs. Madison, you are scaring the staff.”  Oops.  This is humiliating, but it could definitely be worse, like me trippin on my way out accidentally tossing my money in the air and everyone trampling me to get to the free money floating about. 

Thank goodness that didn’t happen I think as I get into my car.

I call Mattie.  “Hey Mat, guess what?  I just got paid and I want to take you out tonight?  Meet me at my house at eight and we’ll head out from there.” I hang up so she can’t say “no”.  I’m feeling pretty sneaky and down right smug.  

At home I pay my bills and find out there is indeed enough money left to have a couple of drinks with Mat.  I run up the stairs to shower and get ready for a night on the town.  As I start the shower I hear the phone ring…..

In a few weeks her next book – Faithfully will be out, and I will read that (as soon as I get a copy) and also write about it.  These books are wonderful, funny and a great way to relax and enjoy life.  Next week I will announce  my contest, keep watching!  Please remember, you can purchase these books through and they are SOOOOO worth the money!  You will re-read them, I guarantee it!  
From Positive Test to Empty Nest and Hopefully, Faithfully 
(will be available for purchase on October 20, 2009)
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