Monster Monday’s

 This is a wonderful author and friend.  My family has know Charity for many years, however, I have just been able to read and re-read her books.  After sitting and reading both of her current books I can SOOOOOO relate to all of her stories!  You all know that I call my 4 year old boy Monster, well, he lives up to his nickname almost daily.  Charity writes about her adventures in mothering 3 boys and 1 girl of her own and also some other children.  Having known her children personally makes the stories even better, but I can tell you that this book is for everyone who needs to realize that their life isn’t that bad and that a good laugh will fix your woes!  

Here is a small sample of the fun in this book….enjoy!

Traveling with country bumkin’ kids has its own set of minor mishaps too.  While waiting outside of an ‘Icky Mom Shop,’ meaning one with pretty smelling candles and oils and things of that sort, my son Marshall found he needed to go potty.  His older brothers didn’t think it was necessary to bring him into the store to look for me.  Nor did they think it was a priority to find a bathroom for their little brother.  No, they just let little Marshall go potty right there on the side of the building.  How do I know this?  Well, as I was enjoying a moment of peaceful shopping when  an older lady came in the store and was aghast that a little boy was outside peeing on the building.  This statement of course was shrieked loud enough for the whole entire shop to hear.  I slowly put down the lovely candlestick that I was coveting, covered my face in shame and made it out of there 
as fast as I could.  


If you are interested in reading more – and laughing – you can purchase this book from Amazon Books.  This book is a ‘print upon demand’ book, meaning that when you purchase it, it will be printed and then sent out just to you!  This process is very fast and green!  

Next week (October 4th) I will do a entire bio about Charity and then on (October 11th) the following Monday I will do a review of her second book Hopefully.  Her 3rd book is in the ‘proofing’ stage and I can’t wait to get a copy!  

Please, order this wonderful book and let me know what you think.  Remember, there will be a contest at the end of the 3 weeks for all of those that follow this special Monster Monday series!  Enjoy!  ~KM
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