Monster Monday’s

What a monday, definitely a MONSTER Monday.  It was a long and busy – yet relaxing – weekend.  Now, it is back to reality.  It is a short week of Aye, she goes today and tommorow and then a half day on Wednesday…then off till Monday.  Monster is getting the Christmas fever already!!  Every add on TV or in the paper is ‘I want that for Christmas or my birthday ‘ (his birthday is in January).  Hubby working hard – he is a UPS package car delivery driver.  I have a big show (last one for this year) over the Thanksgiving weekend in lake City, Florida, so as you can see, there is a lot going on in the Krafty house.  
I guess that is why when I searched for a feature on Etsy this morning this cute bowl jumped out at me!  Monster Op Matt is a very nice shop, there are all kinds of Monsters (unfortunately most of them are breakable) from cups to bowls.  Please check out this great shop and let them know what you think of 
their work….I love it! 
Enjoy and try not to stress to much on 
this Monster of a Monday!!  ~KM

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