More on Koi Pond Art, Aqua Milan, & Monthly Beadwoven Art in a Bag!!

Good Morning and what a day it is!! It is Wednesday and it is time to INSPIRE and SHARE what you all are creating, no matter what it may be!! Today will be another short and sweet kind of day!! I am definitely moving along on the Koi Pond Art…I will be showing you how far I am on that, then a listing of Aqua Millan to show you as well as the Monthly Beadwoven Art in a Bag for April. I am ready to hit the bead tray for another day of beading!!

So, if you have been following me through my fan pages, you might have seen that by the end of the day yesterday, I completed up to 130 rows on the Koi Pond 5×7 Art for the Monthly Beadwoven Art in a Bag kit!! Last night I was able to work on it some more and this morning, I am now starting off the day at 150 rows completed!! Tell me…what do you think of my Koi Pond Art so far?!?! There are now 2 completed Koi’s in the pond and if you look closely…the start of a 3rd!! It’s hard to believe…but there are 30 DIFFERENT colors used to try to make the koi’s and the pond look so realistic and so vibrant. REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Monthly Beadwoven Art in a Bag for April
“Koi Pond”

Very soon I will have a new listing for you to see…but for today I want to re-visit the listing of Aqua Millan!! The full name of this listing is Aqua Millan Beadwoven Wearable Art Necklace and Earring Set…so let me tell you a little about it! First, I have to say that this set turned out amazingly!! It is just so beautiful…it is one of my favorites for sure 😉 There is a lot of TEAL…but there are also soft greens and even a touch of golden brown in it-a set that is beautiful and will make a statement no matter where/when you wear it!! AND just LOOK at those Swarovski crystals accenting the center and on the earrings!! Wow!! Right?? If you want to know more about this amazing set, just give a little click on the link 🙂

And now for April’s NEW Beadwoven 5×7 Art in a Bag…It is now up and listed in my shop!!! What is a Beadwoven Art in the Bag, you may ask? A Beadwoven Art in the Bag is a Kit that is designed to be stitched in the Peyote fashion, just like the bracelet kit of the month, except it is much bigger and when finished can be mounted to the canvas included in the kit, to hang on the wall or put on a shelf. This months (APRIL) pattern features Koi fish in a pond!! Look at all those beautiful and vibrant colors!!-(it has 30 different delica colors used!!) The Koi fish seem to be flowing and swaying in a pattern unto themselves!!…Mesmerizing…and let me tell you the pictures just don’t do it any justice!!Remember, you will get everything you need to create this Beadwoven Art…the Beads, the Canvas, and the Printed Word Chart. This kit with this particular pattern will only be available from today (4/2/19) until 4/23/19 and then be shipped out on 4/30/19!! Remember that this pattern will only be sold with this kit and will not be available to purchase separately! If you would like to know more about this amazing kit just click on the link 🙂

Like I promised you…short and sweet for today! Soon I will have more to show you…already started to work on next month’s Peyote Bracelet in a Box pattern as well as a few other things…you’ll have to come back and keep an eye out on my fan pages 🙂 Remember to share what you are working on, on my fan pages-and inspire us all!! Today I found this little quote that fits perfectly for any day:

“I create because I have a need to share the most Beautiful part of my soul.” -Nikole Casassa

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