MORE Purple and a Dragonfly!

I hope that you weekend was full of FUN and FAMILY!! I know mine was!!  Hubby had a few days off and we spent it catching up on TV shows, relaxing and playing with the kids!!  Our AC seems to be ‘holding it’s own’ right now, so we also got to enjoy a cool home!!  Since it stormed (REALLY BAD) just about every day over the past week we were thankful for the ability to stay inside!! Games with the kids, fun with movies and even some home-made enchaladas….yep, a great weekend!!

I even was able to take a photo of a dragonfly….I know it is hard to see, but it is there!!  It kept landing on me, but every time I moved it would fly off….oh well, it is still really cool that they seem to like me!!

DragonflyI didn’t really do much beading – although I was able to clean up my desk a little!  It was announced over the weekend, but just in case you missed it, this necklace creation is for a wonderful lady to do a ‘review’ on!  If you want to check out her page –  Remember, you can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day!

purple bdwvn review necklace wrk 17

I don’t have any new listings this morning, but here is an older one that I would like to show off!!

Queen Janthia - Purple Agate Beadwoven Necklace 1

But there is more coming this week!! I have 2 different give-a-ways starting this week….one to go with the review of the purple creation and one as part of a blog hop!!  I hope you come back and check them out!!

Until then, I would like to leave you with thought;

Success consists of getting up once oftener than you fall down!

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2 Responses

  1. Dale Hunsberger

    OMG! You have some beautiful things! You are so talented! I especially like this dragonfly piece! Thanks for sharing!

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you so very much!! 🙂 ~KM