New WIP Horse Center from Wildlife Plastics & Available Kits!!

Good Morning 🌞!! I hope that your week is already full of inspiration and fun!! There is just so much to be thankful for this time of the year! And so many things that SPARKLE!! Today will be a short and sweet kind of day…lots of things still to prepare for the holiday😁. Today, I will show you more on my new WIP with center from Wildlife Plastics & tell you about the available kits!

Where I left off yesterday!

Let’s start with my new WIP!! This is a center from none other than Wildlife Plastics!! I just LOVE their designs and working with these beauties 😃. This center has a black beauty Horse with a beautiful white mane and tail. I have quite a vision for this one…let’s hope that I can do it!! So far (from yesterday) I have the wall built up and the fringe beads set up on the side walls to go to later😉. This morning I am working around the front, closing in the center a little at a time going back and forth…look at those colors…wait until you see what I have planned!! Let’s see how far I get on my vision today…REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Where I am starting off today!

Next, let me tell you about the Available Kits in my shop! I have 2 different kits that I offer… one is the Peyote Bracelet in a box kit that I usually offer from about the 23rd or so of the month until the 10th of the following month. Then I have the 5×7 Art in a bag kit that usually becomes available from the 27th of the month until the 23rd of the following month. At the moment, Only one kit is available…let me tell you a little bit about it and how you can get them😉.

For the 5×7 Art in a Bag Kit for December, I am now doing a re-visit of the past kits!! I will have the Snowman Christmas pattern, the Elephant pattern, Birds in a tree pattern, the Peacock pattern, and 2 bonus patterns: the Stained Glass Rose pattern and the Umber Owl pattern. This is your last chance to get these kits with these specific patterns!! They will only be offered through these kits and not as individual patterns. All kits will include a printed word chart, all Delica beads to complete pattern and the canvas in which to mount finished art onto. Bead colors are subject to availability!! These kits will be available until 12/25/19 and will ship on/by 1/2/20. Please note when ordering, in the note section which kit/s you would like, otherwise one will be selected for you!!

Last chance to get these wonderful Art Kits!!!… Just click on the image to get yours today!!

That’s it for today my dear friends and followers!! Hope your day is nothing but fun and inspirational and full of holiday festivities!! Remember to stay tuned after the holidays and new year for some new things coming to my shop…listings and kits!!

Happy festivities!!
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