PINK, More Orange and an AMAZING Backpack!

What a week has been, and it isn’t even over yet!!  I was able to list something new this morning, work on my new creations yesterday and even do my daily walk!!  Strange how little things like a .3 mile walk is a big achievement!!  But these days even the little things really mean a lot!  This surgery has effected not only my knees, but our entire lives!  Our family is so much closer now!  SO, on to the GOOD stuff!!

A new listing for today…who likes PINK??

Pink and Gold Wire Wrap Necklace Set 1

And if you like ORANGE then you should watch this one grow.  I just love these stone!!  You can come over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

orange 3 drop working 5

I also promised you a review….well, here we go!!  This is an AMAZING backpack – Hopsooken 30L Ultra Lightweight Travel Water Resistant Packable Backpack – that I was asked to review!  It starts out as a small bag with a couple of pockets and ends up a full size backpack!!  I just love all the pockets and features!  Just look at these photos and you can see how much you can carry!  Also, one of the things I really look for when I purchase items is the seams and quality of the sewing.  This backpack has terrific quality!  All the seams and zippers are strong and I can’t wait to use this backpack…well, if I can pry it away from my son!  I asked him to model it for me…..and now it is in his room!! 🙂

Hopsooken Backpack 1

Hopsooken Backpack 2

Hopsooken Backpack 3

Hopsooken Backpack 4

Hopsooken Backpack 5

Now to show you some of the other things i am working on!!  This magazine is wonderful!  I am not only promoting it, but I am also a contributor and advertiser!!  Just click on the photo to go purchase your own copy!!


I also know that I have been talking a lot about my 3rd Annual Gift Guide, but I want it to be the best year yet!!  I am so excited!!  Many of the advertisers from last year are returning and I am getting new ones too!  This would be a fun and easy way to help spread the word about your company or creations, or to just say Happy Holidays to your families!!

Annual Gift Guide

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;


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