Planning Friday

So here we go, it is Friday and you think you are done for the week….nope!  Today you need to start PLANNING out for next week!  I know that we talked about goals and marketing this week, but today is the day to actually DO IT!

Sit down with a piece of paper – just something simple – and list all the ‘things you do’ each week.  For my friend Marsha at Pandula Arts Creations she has a whole list of ‘things to do’.

Class – Weaving
Class – Community Center
     – Blog
     – Twitter
     – Etsy Shop
     – Mini Wave Weaving
     – Back Strap Loop Weaving
     – Color Choices
     – Design Choices
     – Finish Work

And much more.  It is difficult, at best, to do everything routinely if you don’t have some kind of PLAN.  The simpler the better!  Take your list and write next to it the amount of time you want to spend every day on each item.  Then put next week’s total there too…

Hours per Day Hours per Week
Class – Weaving 2 hours (prep, travel and class) 2 hours
Class – Community Center 2 hours (prep, travel and class) 2 hours
     – FaceBook Fan Page 30 minutes no more than 5 hours
     – Blog 1 hour 5 hours
     – Twitter 20 minutes no more than 4 hours
     – Etsy Shop 20 minutes no more than 2 hours
     – Artfire Shop 20 minutes no more than 2 hours

     – Mini Wave Weaving 3 hours no more than 35 hours
     – Back Strap Loop Weaving 1 hour no more than 7 hours
     – Color Choices 1 hour no  more than 5 hours
     – Design Choices 1 hour no more than 5 hours
     – Finish Work 2 hours no more than 8 hours

(I made up the times and items)

As you can see, many of the items should only take you small amounts of time each week.  This is a ‘starting place’ for your PLAN, not the finished product.  PLEASE do not think that this is unmovable or nonadjustable.  The point is more to have you make a plan, try to stay too it, and to see what you REALLY spend time on each week!  PLANNING is a big part of a business, no matter the size or style of the business.  

Here is the perfect way to keep your PLAN all in one place and looking WONDERFUL!  

VAbeachquilter always has just the right thing for you to use!  And, having several items myself, I can say that they are some of the best made work I have seen! Please visit her and tell her where you found out about her.  She also has a fan page – VaBeachQuilter – and is a #LINKLOVE’r!!

Enjoy your weekend, PLAN just a little and remember to enjoy your creations!! ~KM
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3 Responses

  1. VaBeachQuilter

    WOW!!! What a pleasant surprise this a.m.!

    What a wonderful post on time management!

    Thank you for including one of my notekeepers, too!

    You’re the BEST!!!!


  2. Krafty Max Originals

    well, I use my notekeeper all the time!! Glad you liked it! ~KM

  3. wcharles