Princess Nissa a Woodland Fairy Set, Sunshine Glow (new creations working), Dragonflies and Lisa Wingate and SALE! SALE! SALE!

Oh my goodness, I finished!!  Just look at this amazing set…I think it turned out even better than I had in my vision!! What do YOU think? DO YOU like it?  What would you change? What should I do for the next one? OK, so here it is!!!

And of course when I finish one creation I always get to start something new!!  So, what to pick?  Well, I think it is time for some SUNSHINE!!  Just look at the colors in this stone!! I think I am going to try something new for the fringe on this one too…let’s see what I can do!! Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

Now, I really need to SHARE something with you all.  Many of you know about my love of dragonflies, but only some know where it came from.  When I was VERY little my family was friends with a wonderful other family that just happened to share our last name.  They were NO relation to us, but we were very close.  The husband was in a wheel chair and for whatever reason I befriended him….and he befriended me!  He would put me in his lap and take his wheel chair outside to a little tree.  We would sit under the tree and he would read to me and tell me stories.  At the age of about 4-6 I LOVED that man.  When he passed I was heart broken.  We spread his ashes under the tree and when the rest of the family when back into the house I stayed and told ‘him’ stories.  My mom came out about 30 minutes later to get me and said that there was a swarm of dragonflies around/on me.  She said that she had never seen so many dragonflies and that they were all just ‘sitting’ there!! Once they ‘fluttered’ up away from me she walked up and took me into the house.  Since then I have always loved dragonflies and they have become my totem.  Over the years I have grown more and more attached to them!! They are even in my business logo!

I know that many of you know that I just LOVE the wonderful author, Lisa Wingate.  She recently posted a little story on her newsletter and I wanted to share it with you!!  She said that I was welcome to share, but of course, it is Copyright by Lisa Wingate. 

One last thought before go pack my bags. As I leave on the book tour, coastal areas farther south in my home state brace for the impact of a monster hurricane. Even if the mildest predictions come true, hundreds will face uncertainty now and the grueling task of cleaning up later. They’ll need help. Lots of it.

Years ago, a tour guide on a bus in Mexico told me this about storms:

“Before the hurricane,” he said, “I do not know my neighbor. We come and go and I look at him but I do not see him. Then the storm comes, and my neighbor walks to the fence. He gives me candles and matches, and I am not in the darkness. I give him cans of meat and crackers, and he is not hungry. After the storm, I never again come and go without seeing my neighbor.”

If you’re reading this, please take a moment. Say a prayer, send a check, make a call, open your home to someone who needs a place to wait out the storm. By mattering to someone else we make our own lives better.

I call it The Dragonfly Principle.


Not so long ago, I noticed a dragonfly flailing upside down in a puddle outside my office window. I put down my work and went out to rescue him. I don’t know why. Quite honestly, he seemed pretty well beaten. He was wet, and bent, and his delicate wings were missing a few chunks. I doubted he’d ever fly again. I let him hang around on my thumb a while, anyway. I like dragonflies.

The longer he clung there, the better he looked. His body unfolded, his bent wings moved back into alignment. A breeze wafted by and he tested them out a little. And then, he flew off, just as easy as you please, damaged wings and all. A little miracle.

Who knows, maybe he’ll make dozens of little dragonflies this summer and next year one of his progeny will eat the mosquito that was carrying a deadly disease onto my porch. Maybe in reality, by saving him I saved myself.

The Dragonfly Principle. You can’t do good without doing yourself some good. Maybe a lot of good.

I don’t remember one other thing I did that day. Not one. Not what project I finished up or what big tasks I accomplished. But I do remember those seemingly insignificant fifteen minutes.

The fifteen minutes I saw my neighbor.

Thank you Lisa, I think we all need to remember The Dragonfly Principle and apply it to our life’s!!

P.S. don’t forget that she has a new book out…and it is hitting the top of all the charts!!

I’ll be doing a GiveAWay soon for you to try to enter to win your OWN copy of this amazing book!! (I was able to read it before it was released)!!

Don’t forget about my sale and grab up your Krafty Max Originals before the sale ends (there are several with dragonflies)!!

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Little gifts of discovery away you today!

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