Romans 12:6 Studio Beautiful Art, Black and Purple Dragon Wearable Art (working), #MirrixLooms Teaser, Small Business Saturday and Heart Beadwoven Bracelet

Are you ready to see some beautiful art?  I know I am!!  Just look at this amazing original Koi Painting by Romans 12:6 Studio!  I fell in love with it even before she finished!!  And now, it is mine!! I am not sure if I am going to gift it…I know who I ‘should’ give it to, but it might end up on my wall!  And the note cards are of the beautiful owl she painted next…just think, if you order from me I might be sending one of those to you!!! 🙂 You never know!! 🙂  She loves to do special orders, so please check out her page and let her know if she can paint anything for you!! Right now we are working on my Spring mail out cards…she is designing them for me!! 🙂

Who has been watching me work on the beautiful Black and Purple dragon?  Well, this morning I am starting to work on the fringe around the center….I already did one row last night before I had to stop!! What do YOU think? Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

Are you ready for a teaser?  Want to see just what I have been working on?  Well, here it is…but just a ‘tiny bit’!

Have you come over and joined our Small Business Event? Well, now is the time…this Saturday I’ll be having a BIG sale (but you have to be at the event to get the code) and also be giving away a beautiful necklace!!  So, join our event and mark your calendar for Saturday…it will be SOOOO worth it!! 🙂

And today I do have a new listing…but you have seen it before.  Yep, this is the bracelet I made for the 8th #BeadALong….you can buy this one instead of making one of your own!!  But grab it now, there is only one of these!!

WOW, lots to see today!!  But, no matter what I would like to leave you with this thought;

A smile starts on the lips,

a grin spreads to the eyes,

a chuckle comes from the belly;

but a good laugh bursts forth

from the soul, overflows,

and bubbles all around.  ~Carolyn Birmingham

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