Savanna Sunset (working 24K+ beads), Topaz Earrings, Cloisonne Unicorn Necklace and Summer Clean Up Sale (50% off)

Good MORNING! Yesterday I got to row 303 on my Savanna Sunset Art before I shut off the computer and let me just say that I am so very proud of this one!!

But then I did a few more rows (at 1am) this morning!! Here is where I am now… row 318 and 24,168 beads!!  But I have come to a decision…I am going to finish this one ‘off camera’! I only have about 20 rows left – and to frame it.  So, I hope to get it done today and listed in the morning! Wish me luck!!  The good thing is that I have been working on the frame (one the side) and I think I’ll be quick putting it all together quickly!!

And you know what it means when I finish one project…right? Today I get to start something new! I have picked something as far away from sunset colors as I can!!  Here is the Blue and White stone I am going to work on.  I am going to make it into a bracelet!! 🙂 Ready? Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

Of course I have new listings today – TWO of them again!! This beautiful Cloisonne Unicorn Necklace is from Grandmothers Stash and the earrings are fun and perfect for Fall!

If you didn’t see it already, I’m running a new sale…I really need to clear out some of my inventory!!  Please use the code and save 50% off your purchase!!

I guess that is all for now…time to get the laundry done and hubby off to work…then I can bead!! 🙂 But, I’ll leave you with this thought;

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser! ~John W. Gardner

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