Matching this beautiful gemstone doughnut with an amazing metal disc just seemed right!! I love the bamboo and dragonfly in the scene! This necklace is VERY reversible and will much just about anything! Finished off with antique gold findings and ends create a look that will be noticed by everyone!

Xiangjun (乡君; 鄉君; xiãngjũn; gung-ni jui gege), translated as “Lady of a Village”. It was usually granted to the daughters of dukes with eight privileges. Also called gong gege (公格格), lit. “lady of a duke”.


GUIYING   m & f   Chinese
From Chinese (guì) meaning “laurel, cassia, cinnamon” combined with (yīng) meaning “flower, petal, brave, hero”. This name can be formed from other character combinations as well.

This set took over 32 hours to complete. I used peyote stitch and herringbone stitch to complete it. The center is made without the use of GLUE or BACKING. The center sets inside beads that are between 11o and 15o (this means there are between 11 – 15 beads per inch).

Necklace measures at 16.5 – 18 inches in length and can be lengthened if needed. Center hangs down 2.5 inches from top of strap.

This is a one of a kind Krafty Max Original creation, so add it to your cart now to avoid being disappointed ~ there will not be another one made like it.


This Krafty Max original will be packaged in an elegant gift box that is ready for gifting. A small note card is also included for your convenience so it will be easy to gift.

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!!!!! ENJOY !!!!

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