Solace Sunday’s

In most places around the world Sunday is a day of Rest or of Family. For my family we are getting together today to ‘just to be together’. My daughter is getting ready to go to her first week long camp without any family or friends with her, for a 9 year old this is a milestone. My son is getting ready to go to my best friends for the same week long period, as a belated Birthday gift to me and my husband. Although my husband will still have to work while the kids are gone it will be the first time we don’t have them home for more than a day or so – and rarely do we have them both gone at the same time.

For me, today is a day of packing and planning, yet also a day of hugging and thinking back to when my children were to little to go off on their own, even with family or friends! I am also thinking about how quiet my home will be (and how much beading I will get done) without my crazy children here, but also about how I will miss them terribly. They may ‘be crazy’ and ‘drive me crazy’ but they are MINE.

My husband and I will get some much needed ‘adult’ time in this next week, too.

So, as this day comes to and end and all the bags are packed, children are clean and in bed, I know have to pause and think about how lucky I am to have my loving husband and wonderful children around me every day!

Enjoy your Solace Sunday. KM

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