Solace Sunday’s

So, how much do you love this artwork?  It is cute, fallish and even better….it has a mouse in it!!  (Did I tell you we have 2 pet mice?  Isabella and Buttercup – they are Aye’s pets)  Please, check out Mouser-kins Magic Shop,  They have a ‘mouse’ for every occasion and every look.  Several of them are also mermaids!!!  I just love these little guys/girls!  Christmas is coming up…..Aye’s birthday…..oh my!  Enjoy your Solace Sunday with a quiet moment with a mouse!  Enjoy!  ~KM

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  1. Jennifer

    Oh! What a wonderful surprise to wake upto this rainy morning! Thank you so much for featuring my little Mouser-kins™ fellow; I’m so glad you enjoy him!

    I’m having a GIVEAWAY for a few Christmas themed Mouser-kins™ items…be sure to come on over and enter 🙂

    Have a SUPER day!