Solace Sunday’s

This morning’s turning into anything by a Solace Sunday!  Yesterday we celebrated Aye’s birthday at the skating rink with all her friends and family.  Then Grandma Kozi took Aye, Monster and I to the movies…we saw Avatar.  Ya HOOOOO!  What a good movie. I can’t wait until I see it again. 

However, now I am paying for it!  Monster didn’t get a nap yesterday (usually 2+ hours each day), and we didn’t get home until about 10:30pm (usual bed time – 8:00pm), so that is my Solace Sunday…frustration and exhaustion!  That is why when I looked around Etsy for a good artist to feature I made special care to find one that would make me feel better today.  And I found one, Jane Elizabeth’s shop is just that shop.  Her wonderful photo is the essence of Solace and beauty.  Please check out her shop and let her know what you think.  
Have a great Solace Sunday and enjoy the few days of madness left before Christmas.  ~KM

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