Sweety Sunday

I realized when I started looking for today’s feature that I missed Yesterdays blog post (sorry)!!!  Between Aye going to a birthday party (for 1/2 of the day), Monster’s 5th birthday party (at Chuck E Cheese – never do that again on a Saturday Night – OMG!!!!) and Hubby away for Guard Duty, and beading… my mind was on other things!  No excuses though!  

Today I thought I would find someone extra special to feature (since I missed yesterday) and let you all look at something very unique.  I found it!  This wonderful shop, SoFino, makes these very unique ‘felted soap’.   I thought at first it must be a type’o, how can you have felted and soap (hu?) until I read the description….wonderful! 

Well, please make sure you leave a convo, mark as a favorite and perhaps even purchase something for this wonderful shop.  
Please make your Sunday a Sweet one!!  ~KM 
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