Swing with Tree, New WIP, Patterns, & Available Kits!!

Good Morning Everyone!! Today, I hope that you all are enjoying all the little things in life! I know that I am! I will be spending the day today, beading, enjoying my family, and relaxing…yes, life is good! Today I will be showing you where I stopped on the Swing with Tree Art and also a New WIP I decided to start while I finalize the pictures of the Swing with Tree Art completed. I also want to share one of the patterns as well as the peyote kits that I have available in my shop!! Let’s get to it…shall we??

Let’s start off with the Swing with Tree Wall Art that I have been working on 🙂 I am really pleased and happy with the way this pattern is coming to fruition…Love, love, love the colors!!! I have big plans for this piece…I was able to finish it last night but I want to get it mounted and pictures finalized before I share the final results!! So for now, I though I would share with you where I last left you all yesterday, in case you might not have seen the picture of 358 rows completed. Here you can see that all I had left was to finish the trunk…and wow…just look at the bead count- 31,474 beads!!

Now that you all have seen that project almost being done and are waiting for the final pictures…I decided to pull out a new project-a new WIP!! I have decided to start on a very interesting and beautiful Purple Agate gemstone. Here in this picture you will see everything that I have pulled out to start this project…the agate gemstone, my two colors of 11/0 delicas, as well as the 15/0 beads I will be using to start off with…let’s see where this design will take me and if I can finish the bezel around this beautiful purple agate stone!! Wait until you see how the back of this stone looks!!

I think now, it is time to show you some of the patterns that I have in my shop! Some of you might already know that I have already made patterns in my shop for purchase, some of you might not…so I thought that it is a great opportunity through my blog, to share with you on occasion, the ones that I have already available!! These patterns are already created for you to follow along, whether it is single or double…you would receive the word chart with the suggested color delicas- that does not mean you have to use these colors…you may change them to what ever you would like 🙂 I know some of you have bought my patterns already, and some are there because some of you asked me to create them for you, but gave me permission to keep in my shop and share with others! Some of you already may know too, that if I don’t have a pattern here in my shop that you would like to do, that I can create one for you…so remember to just ask or send me a message if you need something special!!

Today, one of the Patterns I want to share with you all is called “Puzzle Pieces Peyote Bracelet”. With this Pattern, you will be given a colored chart and a word chart. The Delica colors that I have listed on the pattern are the colors that I have used in completing the design…they are there for reference but may be substituted if need be. This pattern is roughly the size of 1.91 inches by 5.33 inches and it is Single Drop peyote 🙂 Here it is…

Do YOU want to create this pattern?…Just click on image to find out how!!

Next, I would like to share with you some of the available kits in my shop at the moment. I now have 2 available kits to share with you all. One of them, you might have seen already, which is the Peyote Bracelet Kit of the Month( Pattern of Cave at Sunrise), then more recently, I put up the new 5×7 Monthly Peyote Art in a Bag kit(Pattern of August Snowman)YAY!!! Read on for more information on both kits 🙂

The Peyote Bracelet in a Box Kit for August is here!! I just LOVE how this pattern came out and I think you all will too!! This month’s pattern is Cave at Sunrise for the bracelet kit and I couldn’t be more thrilled than I am at how this pattern turned out… And like always my daughter claimed the first sample, then I worked up and shared with you all the 2nd sample of this pattern…and YEP!! It has SOLD already!! 😉 With this Kit, you will receive all the delica beads needed for the pattern, the WORD chart of the pattern, and all the findings you will need to turn it into the finished bracelet!! Colors in the kits are subject to availability!! Remember, this pattern is exclusive to the monthly bracelet kits for august and will NOT be AVAILABLE for purchase separately!! This Kit is now available and you will have until the 10th of August to purchase!! These kits will be mailed out by the 18th of August!!

Only a few days left!! Come and Grab yours today…just click on the image to get one!!

Now, for the 2nd kit Available!! Having Christmas in the Summer seems to be a popular thing…and so I decided to do a Christmas themed 5×7 Art in a Bag Kit for you all to enjoy!! The Pattern is of a Snowman and Christmas tree and I think it came out really cute and is a fun pattern to make. With this kit you will get: ALL Delica Beads needed to create the wall art, the Printed Word Pattern, and the Canvas to mount it on to when wall art is complete. Remember… that this pattern is exclusive to this Art in a Bag Kit and will not be sold individually and also, bead colors in kits are subject to availability. This kit will be available from 8/2-8/23 and will be mailed out on or by the 8/23.

Christmas in August!!! How Fun!! Want to get ahead start on Christmas?…come and get yours now, just click on the image!!

Wow!! I sure did have a lot to share with you today!! I am excited to be back and enjoying all the little and simple things in my life…especially the beading!! I will have some more exciting and new patterns coming your way soon for both the Peyote Bracelet Kit of the month and even plans for a new Monthly Art in a bag kit as well!! I also have lined up some more wearable art projects…my mind is refreshed and I have a lot of new ideas coming your way soon 🙂 For today though, I just want to tell you all to make sure you all take the time and enjoy simple things and this quote I found seems to sum it up just right!!

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