Taken Thursday

With school starting just around the corner and all of us going a ‘little’ back to school crazy I just spent the morning looking around ArtFire to find something I was TAKEN with enough to feature…..The problem is that I found 3 different items from three different artist and I just can’t decide, so here they all are.

First up is a wonderful Black Cat that has just found out what BIRD houses have inside!  I just love the look on this cat’s face….I know that my dear friend Kris from ApronsbyMeMe will just love this one….Kris collects birdhouses and this A Stroke of Jeanneius creations will ‘jump’ right out at her….
wouldn’t it fit right in to your kitchen?? 

Then I found this wonderful shop full of Ann’s Lotions and Potions.  We were featured together on one of the recent collections and I just love her items.  They are made naturally and BEAUTIFULLY.  I can always use more ‘smellies’!!!  

And last, but never least is a bracelet that I am envious of!  Karen Olwen Designs does a remarkable job with this bracelet and the many others she has created.  It was very hard to just pick one of her designs.  Having done ‘some’ soldering in my work I know how much time and effort much go into each one of these ‘works of art’.  Wouldn’t the ‘ladies of the round table’ be envious??

So, as you start your TAKEN THURSDAY remember to visit each of these studios and let them know you LIKE them and MARK them for future purchases.  

Enjoy your day and remember to be TAKEN by something….even a smile….at some point today!  ~KM
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