Taken Thursday

Today as I am starting to feel better this shop really caught my eye….buttonwilloe…..what a great talent.  I can’t help but to be TAKEN in by these little guys.  I couldn’t pick one, so I choose two to show off.  These little ‘wonders’ are only about 1 inch tall!!!!  All that detail, who wouldn’t be TAKEN with them?  Please check out this wonderful shop and make sure you 
‘LIKE’ it and leave a comment.

Try to get TAKEN away today by a piece of art 
and then pass it along……enjoy!  ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. button

    Awww…what a happy surprise ! Just got on the ‘puter this morning and found your message. Thank you so much for the feature and kind words.
    Bless you,
    button :o)

  2. Doris Sturm

    Glad you’re feeling better – I love frogs. These are cute! Maybe you’ll feel even better yet when you get your package with the Ewe that I mailed today 🙂