Taken Thursday

Yesterday was busy!  What is new?  Isn’t every day eventful?  I think that things will be just getting busier and crazier until after the holidays…oh ya, did I mention that between all the regular holidays, it is also AYE’s birthday the week before Christmas!!! 
And we have 2 more shows between now and 
the first week of December!!  OH MY!!  

But then I find out that bycamille has featured one of my necklace sets in this beautiful collection!  Below the collection is one of my favorites from her studio….isn’t is cool – I mean warm – I mean cool!!!  :~) 

Fine Art Paintings

 For today’s featured artist I have chosen someone that makes BEAUTIFUL jewelry.  This lady from India has a talent for working with true metals…..this choker….simply beautiful!  Please go  check out AnjaliDesigns and her work…you wont be disappointed!! 

Try to be TAKEN with something today….
even if it is just 
a little sunshine!  ~KM

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