Taken Thursday

Today I have to say that I am TAKEN with my hubby.  I sat back and looked at him last night are really had some revelations.  My hubby works at UPS during the week (and it is a HOT job in Florida) and then on some weekends he goes and does his Florida National Guard Duty.  Because of his hard work I am able to be a ‘stay-at-home mom’.   
Before my youngest was born – Monster – almost 6 years ago, I worked in Corporate America.  My last job….I ran a Sports Talk Radio Station!!  I was the #2 at the station and handled more things than I can even list!!!  Now I find myself very thankful that my hubby has given me this opportunity to fulfill my dreams and passions!  Thank you dear – I love you!

I think that is enough ‘personal’ things for today!!  
I have found this wonderful artist that I am very TAKEN with.  These little booties are just TOOOOO cute!!  I wish my little ones were still that size…..it almost makes me think about having another little one…..almost, but not really!!! Check out some of the other designs Ms. Alissa from CutieHats makes.  She has been crocheting and designing since she we 5!!!  What a way to ‘brighten the world’!!!  

Please make sure you MARK her studio for the future and let her know where you heard about her!!

Have a wonderful Thursday and try to be TAKEN with something in your life!! 

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  1. Doris Sturm

    How nice to learn this “personal” tid-bit about you – that’s so interesting…you in radio …hmmm…that’s so sweet of you to mention your hard working man. He sounds like a gem!

    Those sock monkey baby booties are adorable 🙂

    Your mousie is up for sale now. I made a listing for you because you get a 15% Discount, so here it is:


    Have a wonderful day and thanks for liking my work 🙂 I appreciate it!

    Doris and Gizzy