Talented Tuesday 3/3/15 (MagicbyLeah, IPhone 6 Case and St. Augustine Seafood Fest)

Yesterday I told you I would show you the earrings I have been working on….I know these aren’t great photos, but it will give you the idea!!  I’ll get some more photos when I set-up for the show. on Friday!!  But, just LOOOOK at what I did!  
That’s about 230 pairs of Swarovski Crystal earrings!!  (There are some that the pair had to be put on separate hooks)!! And, there are ‘clam shell’ sides that go on each of these to take them with me without anything falling off!!  🙂
Tomorrow I’ll show off the new BRACELET rack my dad just made for me!!  Can I tell you that just about everything I use for display at my shows my dad had made…..I AM SOOOOOO LUCKY!! 🙂
Although these aren’t brand new, they are all fun and full of SPRING!
I hope that you aren’t getting board with this one, because I am getting close to the end and I am LOVING it!! Remember, you can come over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page  were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day.
 I just couldn’t resist giving another one away!!  Just look at those owls!!
Today I am honored to introduce Leah Fisch the owner and designer of
MagicByLeah!  When I asked her what type of craft she does, she said Polymer Clay – or whatever I feel like that day!!  How true is that for all of us who have the creative BUG?  But, to say that she just creates with Polymer Clay is like saying that I am a basic beader!!  This lady has some of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen! 

But, before I tell you to much about her (that will come tomorrow) I want to introduce you to one of her newest creation.  I ‘oh’d and awe’d’ over this for about 20 minutes!! I want you to look at this photo and then click on it and see what it goes to!!  Now, also notice the detail in each piece.    Then come back tomorrow and learn more about her, what inspires her and how the future is bright for MagicbyLeah!!


Website: MagicByLeah.com

Please come and visit me and have some GREAT SEAFOOD!!! I’ll have over 500 items out in my booth for you to look at – including some I haven’t show to anyone yet!! 🙂
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Personality is everything in art and poetry.  ~Goethe
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