Talented Tuesday 5/27/14 (Monster, Aye and Working Along)

Oh my!  What a weekend!!  I spent so much time with my family – and what fun we had!! I didn’t get many photos, to be honest, we were to busy to do photos!!  On Saturday my daughter and I had a ‘girls day out’ together that finished with her contact fitting!!  Yep, she is now in contacts!!  WHOO HOOOOO!! 
 (Yes, this is my 14 year old daughter totally embarrassed at being with mom – especially when she makes her wear this hat!)
Hubby and Monster went to the pool for about 3 hours and then it was a family dinner at home of BBQ’d pork steaks in a special marinade!! On Sunday Monster and I went to get his hair cut!
(that is Monster AFTER his ‘boy band’ hair cut…handsome little man) 
And then it was his turn back at the pool for 3 hours and hubby and I quiet time at the house!!  Monday… party with a dear friend that ended in a my handmade (and flavors) hamburgers on the BBQ!!  Oh ya, and about 3 hours in the pool!!  See a theme going here?? 
I am back to working on this ________ pattern!  Here is where I left off on Friday.  Please come over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
Although I do not have a new creation to show you today I would like to have you go look through my La Juliet Studio.  I am still running a 40% off sale (you will receive 40% of the price back via Pay Pal within 24 hours).  But hurry, there are only 64 items left – some of them exclusive to this studio!!!  
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Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
Today I am going to leave you with thought;

As long as we have memories, yesterday remains.  As long as we have hope, tomorrow waits.  As long as we have love, today is beautiful!
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