Talented Tuesday 5/3/14 (Enjoy Life, La Juliet Studio Sale and Burn Bright Custom Candles)

Today I am finishing up on the laundry….boy, can this family use some cloths!!  Somehow in one week we managed to get EVERYTHING in the house dirty…..yes, yes we do! 🙂  And I’ll be beading!  So, life isn’t bad at all!! 
Remember, if you want/need to purchase from Fire Mountain Gems please use this link.  
And, I am currently working on a Tutorial Video to teach you how to make a triple strand bracelet.  And, that will also go out with a give-a-way…..all the supplies you’ll need to make one of the bracelet (excepts tools)!!!  Doesn’t that sound like fun????  I hope so!! Keep watching!!
So, yesterday someone guessed it right, it says: ENJOY LIFE!  But, you haven’t figured out WHAT I am making… if you have been following me for more than a few months you should know….uummm, what could it be???  Come over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day! 
Although I don’t have a brand new creation to show you today I do have a couple of fun one’s from my La Juliet Studio.  Remember, you will save 40% off your total purchase from this studio (refunded within 24 hours), but the sale will be ending soon!!
Today I have the privilege to introduce Joann Gernhard the owner of Burn Bright Custom Candles.  This wonderful artist makes very colorful and terrific smelling candles in all shapes and sizes.  They are hand poured, handmade and custom designed for all of your special occasions! Just look at the vibrant colors;


One of her favorite creations was a custom designed project for a party that were in Martini glasses!!  It is easy to see that she creates out of love and passion for these candles as there is NO detail overlooked!  
Even the way she started was full of inspiration!  Her best friend started to make candles, but when she stopped Ms. Joann purchased all the supplies and started teaching herself….and that is where it all began!  
Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you even more about this great Candle artist and what makes her a ‘step above the rest’.  But for now, check out her sites!!
Instagram @BurnBrightCustomCandles
Today I leave you with this thought;
I believe in the imagination.  What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see. ~Duane Michals
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