Talented Tuesday 7/1/14 (Kids at Camp, Dragonfly, SALE and Paisley Lizard)

Yesterday I talked about all the great food that we ate while we were gone, today, I’d like to talk about my kids.  I know, they didn’t go with us, but the photos of when we dropped them off and picked them up will tell you the whole story!!  Now Monster was off and running before I even had a chance to get a photo, but here is the one of Aye when we first arrived (she went down a day early because she is a councilor). 
And THIS is what they looked like when we picked them up!!  And yes, the first stop was for food, the next event….SLEEP!!!! 
So, as you can see, they had a BLAST!!  I still have to go through all the camp photos and find some of them – I’ll show those off later!!  But for me….other than laundry….it was SO worth it to see their faces and get those ‘I missed you hugs’!!  
 I hoped you watched yesterday when I was working on this beautiful blue stone.  If not, come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day! 
Yes, there is a new listing for today too!! Here is a simple, but elegant bracelet I made.  What do you think?  It will also work as an anklet….and that would be a very cool way to wear it!! 
I am running my sale again in my La Juliet Studio.  All the 29 items still in that studio are 40% off!!  I have actually marked them down, so you wont need to wait for the refund!!  But, shop now, all the creations are EXCLUSIVE to that studio and will not last!! 
Today I am proud to introduce Ms. Tammy Adams from Paisley Lizard.  This amazing artist creates beautiful Jewelry with beads and wire.  BUT, there is so much more to her creativity!! She also works with Polymer Clay, Mixed Media and even Sews costume….oh, did I mention Baking Gourmet Cupcakes?? WOW… I think I am tired just looking at all that talent! 

After a lifetime of ‘artsy-crafty’ creations she has recently started perfecting her Polymer Clay creations.  She is now even making custom buttons for her friends crochet creations!!

Although she says she is mostly self-taught, she also credits her mom with teaching her how to read a pattern and use a sewing machine! Add in being taught Macrame, Crochet an Counted Cross Stitch, also by her mom and Jewelry making by a friend/co-worker she has taken her creations to a new level! A few classes later – in basic wire-wrapping and Polymer Clay – I’d say she is there!! 

Just look at these creations she makes!!  Check out all her sites and make sure you come back tomorrow to learn more about her and see more of her favorite creations!!

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Endure, and Keep yourself for days of Happiness!
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  1. Tammy Adams

    Thanks so much, KM, for the feature! That blue beaded creation of yours is coming along nicely and it looks like your kids had a blast while you were away.