Talented Tuesday 7/15/14 (Rose Beautiful Lariat, Kickstarter and Spinning Ginny)

Yesterday I beaded, beaded and BEADED until late in the evening!  And boy, what fun I had!!  I was able to finish the set I was working on, do a mini photo shoot and get it ready for listing (now done)!  I also picked out the colors for my next creation and……yes….. finished the laundry!!  I am not sure were that burst of energy has come from, but I’ll TAKE it!!  Do you ever get like that?  Everything just falls into place and goes smoothly?  It so rarely happens that I often have to really take advantage when it does! 😉
Here it is!!!  BEAUTIFUL!  This one just shows how creative that stitch can be!  I just love the way this lariat set has turned out!! Click on the photo to see the finished earrings and bracelet!!
Of course, finishing that set means I get to start another one!!! WHOO HOOO! So I picked something with just TWO colors!!   I am not sure if I would have picked these two colors together if they weren’t in the same stone, but they are and they work, don’t you think? Come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!

If you haven’t see it already, I am trying to Grow Krafty Max Originals, so I have started a Kickstarter campaign.  Please ‘share’ or pass it along if you can. 
Today I am honored to show off a new featured artist today.  Ms. Virgina Accurso is the owner, designer and creator of Spinning Ginny.  Over the years I have watched as she has created some of the most beautiful creations that start with her own hand spun and dyed fiber.  She works with every type of wool, as well as, Alpaca, Silk and Cashmere. 
Once she has taken the raw fiber, carded it, spun it, dyed it, she then makes something with it!!  Scarves, Triangle Shawls, hand knitted socks, scarves, hats and dish cloths are just a few of the beautiful creations she finishes with!!
Starting, like many of us, as a child of 8 she fell in love with knitting.  Then back in 1998 she started weaving and spinning.  Starting out as a hobby and creating gifts for family and friends she quickly found that her creations would sell!! In 2003 she decided to turn her hobby into a full time business. 
Just look at some of these creations…..beautiful!!!  Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you more about her and show off MORE of her creations!!  Don’t forget to check out all her sites, too.
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  1. Wow, Thank you KM for all the wonderful good things you said. I truly appreciate it.

    • Krafty Max

      You are more than welcome – and truly deserving!! ~KM