Talented Tuesday 8/26/14 (No Husband Needed, The Story Keeper and Heart Felt by A)

Well, it started yesterday!  No, I don’t mean the give-a-way (although that DID start yesterday) I mean the quiet in the house!! YEP, it was quiet….almost to much so…oh, really….can I not be used to the quiet now??  NOPE, got over that!!  I spent several hours without the TV or radio on….it only took me about 10 minutes to get used to the noise (or lack there of) and boy, was it NICE!!! I love my kids, please do not misunderstand me, but it is so nice to NOT have them here for a few hours each day!! I feel almost….NOPE….don’t feel guilty at all!! 😉  ha ha ha ha ha
I was a bit of an over achiever yesterday!! I was able to list 4 items…2 pairs of earrings and 2 NO HUSBAND Needed Klasp Helpers! Click on the photos to find out more (the are very reasonably priced) and to see more photos of each item!! 
 Starting a new creation yesterday was so much fun!! I love that ‘ just new’ feel of the beads!! I picked these amazing stones because they looked like jeans…don’t they? And now that I am working on them I am just amazed at how much beauty and differences from side to side and stone to stone they have!! Please come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
 Have you entered yet??  This one is getting some great press, due to the amazing author that wrote it….Lisa Wingate!  I have to tell you that I have been a fan of hers for a few years now.  What started with a purchase of a older discounted book has turned into a friendship and almost ‘rabid’ fallowing of all her books.  I love the stories, the way they are written and that everyone of them ‘touch my heart’ in some way. 
I was honored to be able to read this book – The Story Keeper – before it was even released and let me say, it is an amazing book!! Here is the review I wrote for Amazon.com
So, enter here and ENJOY!!! 
WOW, with everything else I also get to introduce you to another amazing artist today!  Ms. Allyson from HeartFelt by A is a wonderful Felt artist!  I never knew you could do so much – or make such beautiful creations with felt!!
When I was a kid I love to ‘play’ with felt.  It was so soft and colorful.  Ms. Allyson has taken it to a whole new level.  Here Banners, Wall Hangings and Garland have been made for every season and holiday.  What a great way to celebrate a birthday – with a banner that will last and last (instead of a paper ‘throw away one). And then, there are the Cupcake Ornaments.  
These, are my favorites!!  See why?
Now, those aren’t felt, but look at these, they sure are!!
Add in the hair bows and you have a shop full of colors, fun and great creations for your home.  Check out all her sites and make sure you come back tomorrow and learn even more about her and how she came into making these great items!!


Today I would like to leave you with thought;

The journey is the treasure! ~Lloyd Alexander
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