Tangy Tuesday

Oh what a wonderful morning this is!!  I have woken up much later than my normal mornings to find that I am at 799 Etsy Shop Hearts and my Face Book Fan Page has grown (thanks to Link Love) to 390 fans…then I look over at my Twitter… it is at 181 
and my Blog now has 126 followers….
I just can’t tell you how LOVED I feel this morning!  
Today life is finally getting back to normal, Hubby off to regular work, Aye off to school and Monster to go to MeMe’s….I think I will even clean this morning for a little while instead of beading…oh boy, I really must be feeling good!!  ha ha ha

So, it is Tangy Tuesday (how fitting) and I found this wonderful Etsy shop while I was ‘wondering’ around.  Craft Treasures makes some of the most wonderful little key chains, cell phone holders and such.  Each one has so much personality to it!  I had a really hard time finding one photo to pick,  but finally I found this little guy….he looks so TANGY to me!  

Please enjoy your Tangy Tuesday and remember to HEART, CONVO and PURCHASE if you can…..enjoy!!!

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