Tangy Tuesday’s

After working hard to clean my house and get all my ‘work’ done yesterday, I have a day to BEAD!!!  I have already started my next peyote bracelet and ideas are in my head about all types of new designs.  So when I looked through Etsy today to find a featured artist, I wanted something fun, TANGY and wonderful….I found it! 
All the Fuss is just the kind of shop I was looking for!  How much more tangy can you get beyond this wonderful TuTu.  Even the matching hairclip comes with it!!!  Wonderful.  Please visit this cute shop and let them know what you think…remember, purchasing is the highest form of flattery!!  ~KM

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  1. Just Playin'

    I live in a house with all males so I never even see stuff like this! Lovely!