Tantalizing Tuesday 10/22/13 (a Tease and a Tell)

It seems like I don’t have many days that aren’t busy and full of fun anymore… oh darn!! 🙂  I thrive on being busy and I just love it when life goes like I plan!! I have so many things to do, so many creations to make… I just can’t get them all out at once!!  
I have been asked recently to help another ‘start-up’ with social media.  And then, I had a THOUGHT…. maybe I’ll just share some of the advice and sites I use with EVERYONE… what do you think?  ANOTHER daily part of the blog?  Maybe Social Media Spotlight??  uuummmm, I think so!!  So, let me start off by saying what I always tell people I help…..
Pick one thing and perfect it before moving on.  
This seems like such a simple statement, yet I find that so many people just getting started try to do a Fan Page, a blog, twitter….and so many more all at once.  It is OK to open accounts there (mostly to secure your name) but don’t work them until you are done perfecting the first one!  It is a BIG world out there and there is so much to choose from….I’ll pass along MY experience and tips (if you are interested) and you can use what you want!!
I finished it!! What do you think???  I think I am in-love!! 
And you can watch the ‘making of’ video here!! 
And what happens when I finish a project?  Time to start a new one!!  YEP, here we go again!!  If you want to watch it grow come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day !!

Just for FUN! Watch on my Fan Page today – I’ll be giving everyone a change to win something (but it will be first come, first win)!!
Today’s featured artist is: DorothyJane.  This amazing artist might credit her ‘shipping department’ to her husband, but the creations she makes are simply amazing!  I have to tell you that I just love the look and creativity in this site!! You really have to read about her inspiration – Jane Austin – and how she has modeled her creations around this ‘time and style’.  There is something for everyone, including a blog (www.lacegrl130.wordpress.com) where she write ‘FAIRY’ tales.  Please remember to always support handmade artists!
Halloween Spell Book Spells and Incantations, Faux Leather
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Imagination is more important than knowledge.  ~ Albert Einstein
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