Tantalizing Tuesday 1/21/14 (Award Winning, a New Listing and the Results)

Today I will be working on my new bracelet, and thinking of my next BIG project!!  Over the weekend I received my certificate for my Silver Medal Winning – Reaching Tranquility Miniature Dressing Screen a Krafty Max Original Handmade Design
Although I already knew it won, I still couldn’t help starting my ‘happy dance’ all over again!!  I have to tell you that having a group of your piers grade and place your creations is better than just about anything!!!
Yes, I have a new listing for today!!  This one is wonderful – I love the way it is wire wrapped (no, I didn’t do that).  Simply beautiful!!
I will be working more on my bracelet today – no one has guessed it yet, so if you want to come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day to watch it grow!!
I ran a little ‘questionaire’ for you to answer and here is what I received….
What would you like to prize to be?
  1. A STASH of beads from Krafty Max
  2. A NEW book
  3. A Certificate to the Krafty Max Original Studio
What type of book would you like to enter to win?
  1. Basic Stranding
  2. Beadweaving
  3. Metal Jewelry Work
  4. Business Building
Would you SHARE the contest on your pages?
  • Yes – 100%
  • No – 0%
These results actually surprised me!!  Now I guess I might have to ‘re-think’ my prizes and give-a-ways!!  Congrats to Jessica Lane, she will be receiving a ‘little something’ as the name that I drew to win!!
Please keep checking back and watch for the next give-a-way….
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Big doesn’t necessarily mean better.  Sunflowers aren’t better than violets!
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