Tantalizing Tuesday 12/17/13 (Aye’s Birthday, A Gift and a New Project)

Yesterday I was in a EPIC battle with my computer again!!  I have to tell you that I really think that even if I get it working – the computer still wins!!  I spend so much time ‘fighting’ with it that somehow I just feel like a winner when it will finally work again! 
I had a wonderful weekend though!!  I was able to spend so much time with my family and finish my Christmas shopping…not really bead, but the other was fun too!!  🙂 
There are so many things to show off today, so I had better get to it!!
Today’s new listing is actually from the Prima Blog Team New Years beads I received!!
  Here is what I started with…..
 I thought I would do a little different than the traditional Black and Silver and really make a bold statement with Black and HOT PINK!!  This would make a wonderful statement for that New Years party – don’t you think??  This is the first of several from this set of beads….
And for those of you who missed it….here is the Grey necklace finished…I think it turned out amazing!! Introducing the Grand Grey Lady Beadwoven Necklace.
And here is the ‘making of’ video….
I get to start something new today – WHOOO HOOOO!!  I have been looking at this stone for some time, and here are the colors I came up with!!  Come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day to watch it grow !!
Through on of my Beading Face Book Groups I participated in a HOLIDAY GIFT SWAP.  I was very lucky to get a wonderful lady named Sam Waghorn.  She is a very talented lady and after a couple of quick emails we discovered that we have a LOT in common!!  We are the same age, our backgrounds are similar and through this we quickly became friends.  Yesterday when I received her package from the UK I was ‘doubley’ lucky.  Not only did she send me this amazing necklace with a handmade glass center piece, but she also send me an amazing ‘face’ from BlueberriBeads.  The note wished me a Merry Christmas and that she saw this ‘face’ and thought I would be able to create something with it!  So, not only did I get an amazing necklace creation, but a bead to create something with!!!!  WHOOO HOOO!!

Here is the gift guide – how many of you have looked?   Please look through it, and remember to always support handmade artists through this holiday season (and everyone other day).

Only 2 days left to enter….to win this amazing Swarovski Crystal set!!  Remember, even if you have entered, there are daily entries too, so make sure you keep coming back!!
Remember, my sale is still on – and what a great sale it is!!   *** If you are on my email list there is even a bonus!! (Leave your email in the comments if you want to join the list)***
And, if that isn’t enough, today is my daughters 14th Birthday!! My children are the light of my life, but my daughter and I share a very special connection.  She and I are so much alike it is scary!  So, to her, I say – 
Happy Birthday my darling girl!
(this is one of my favorite photos of her)
(This is one of her favorites!!)
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Celebrate everyday.  Find something to be happy about and enjoy it! ~KM
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