Tantalizing Tuesday 2/19/13

Yes, today is going to be TANTALIZING….. I am not sure how many of you saw my personal announcement yesterday, but here it is again!!
So, thanks to an amazing trainer and gym membership I have lost 9.25 inches and 4.8 pounds in the last 28 days!  Talk about motivation!!!!  I am eating healthier and enjoying my life more every day!
My winner has already been announced and the package is one it’s way to the new owner, however, I must tell you that I received this amazing news in my email last night…. I was the winner of ONE (yes, just ONE) of the wonderful prizes from Kimis Jewelry and Gifts!!!  Yep, see….
so now……I get to go pick out something…. for me, for Aye, to use in my creations???? Oh my, this could become a hard choice!!!  IF you entered into ANY of the give-a-ways from the Purple Valentines Blog Hop it might be worth it to run around and check if you won!?!
Here is my new creation, you can watch it ‘grow’ on on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day.  This is row 103!!!
Interested in winning this Dragonfly and Swarovski Crystal set???? Remember the wonderful review I received by Creative Art Works?? Well, now she’s giving-a-way one of my creations!!!! Go on over and read all about it and ENTER!!!! ~KM 
Light Rose, Gold and Dragonflies Necklace Set
Today’s featured artist is: minihandmade.  This amazing artist designs just about everything, just in miniature!!  The detail to each of these items is simply wonderful!!!  I have to say that I have always been fascinated by miniatures – probably why I love ‘tiny’ beads – but these creations are fascinating.  Please go check out this great studio and remember to always support handmade artists!!!
Miniature Polymer Clay Flowers Supplies for Dollhouse 12 bunches
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Buy a red umbrella.  It’s easier to find among all the black ones, and it adds a little color to rainy days!
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