Tantalizing Tuesday 3/26/13

Today I have some amazing news for everyone who likes my creations and my featured artists!!  I have got all THREE of my prize packages together and ready for you to look at – TOMORROW – for my anniversary party!! As you can tell, we are ALL just exghausted with all this work!!
They are GREAT prize packages and FUN too!!  I am going to do some BASIC entries and then there will be some BIGGER entries!!  Just wait, I am sure you’ll like it!!
BUT, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow… mid day!!!
If any of you have been watching, I have been busy!!  I have listed 3 new items in the last day or so, please click on the photos to see more about each listing….they are ALLLLLL wonderful!!
 It is almost time to show off what I made with this great ‘Bead Soup’ from Secret Song Designs.  She showed off the SOUP I sent her in this post – Bead Soup time again  – and then talked about where she got her insperation to create something from the SOUP I sent her here – Jewelry inspiration
So, here is the SOUP I sent her:
and the SOUP she sent me;
I am sooooo excited!!!!  Just think, in a couple more days – 3/30/13 – we will REVEAL our creations to you!!! Come on back and check them out!!
Here is where I left off last night – what do you think??  You can watch it ‘grow’ on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day.
  I will be starting with a NEW newsletter for the month of April, so if you would like to get on the email list, please leave your email address in the comments.  There will be a ‘extra’ surprise contest for Newsletter members ONLY! 

Today I want to feature a friend – Pandula Arts Creations .   She has been ‘off the grid’ for a little while, however, she has been just as creative as ever!! This is the pine needle basket that she made for my son – Monster – who just LOVES Skulls!!!  Isn’t it great???  Go on over and check out her blog (by clicking on the photo) and see what she’s doing.  Also, keep an eye out for another one of her amazing baskets to show up in the next couple of days!!! 🙂
Today I want to leave you with this thought;
Don’t take good friends, good health, or a good marriage for granted.
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