Tantalizing Tuesday 4/1/14 (A Tease, new Bracelets, and a Dragonfly)

Today I have a bit to show you, so please just HOLD on for the ride!!  I am super excited about the new look of my blog – it is coming along very nicely….I can’t wait to do a bid reveal when it is done!!!  But for now, here is another ‘teaser’ of what will be on the new blog!!
What do you think????
Today there is TWO new listing for you to look at!! The first one is the one you watch ‘growing’ on my pages, the second is the one I did ‘on the side’!!  I hope you like them both!!!
 Yesterday I was able to start my dragonfly, and so far, I am LOVING it!!  The response I have been getting has been wonderful too….I might have to do another one to sell!!  If you want to come over and to my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day you can watch it grow!! 
 And here, is something that I would like to invite all of you too!!!  I will be at this show on Saturday, so any of you that are in the North Florida area, please come on over and visit!!
And this, to me, is simply amazing!!! I did a screen shot last week of the map of those who have checked out my blog….WOW!!!!

I also made a collection of TURTLES – just for fun!!

Today I would like to announce a NEW ‘featured artist’ section!  I will be selecting artists from EVERYWHERE to interview and feature.  The features will be much more ‘in depth’ and they will be scheduled out so that the artist can also let people know that they are featured.  These should start in the next week or so.  PLEASE leave me your email and shop link in the comments if you would like to be featured.  I am open to ANYONE with ANY TYPE of art/craft and that sells in ANY TYPE of studio.  This will be a LARGER feature and will cover more items and questions from the artist. 
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Strong imagination begetteth opportunity.  ~Michel De Montaigne
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