Tantalizing Tuesday 5/28/13

What a weekend we had!!!  There was beading, beading, family time, bbq’s, swimming and more beading!!! I had some amazing designs POP into my head as well, so those were jotted down…I think I was inspired!!  I feel like everything is just ‘taking a breath’ before the big run starts!  Do you ever feel like that?  Is there a time when re-inventing yourself isn’t the right thing to do??  
Many of you watched this one grow over the last few days and now, it is done and listed!!  I think the finished creation turned out wonderful, what do you think?? 
And here is the ‘making’ video!!
 And of course, with the finishing of one project there is the start of another one!! I am very excited about this one!!!  This one is for a review from http://www.elitemamasblog.com/.  I get to design something that is inspired by The Lord of Rings series – one of my favorite movies!! So, here is the bead I picked and the first rows.  If you would like, you can watch my current project grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page.
There is only one day left… this one is fast!!
Today’s featured artist is; GlovesbyDesign.  This wonderful mother (of a teenage daughter) balances her time between teaching and creating.  I just love the look all these gloves!  Many of them can be used for a ‘dress up’ occasion or a daily accessory!  You can just look at them to see that they are well made and made with love!!  Go check out this studio – there is lots to see – and remember to always support handmade artists if you can! 
Blush Bridal Gloves: Long Gloves, Fingerless lace Gloves, Blush pink,  Roses, Wedding, Nude, pale pink, Storybook
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Be the first adult to jump into the pool or run into the ocean with the kids.  They will love you for it!!
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