Tantalizing Tuesday 7/16/13

Here is another amazing post for this Tantalizing Tuesday.  I have to say that the response that I have gotten from becoming a member of the Prima Beads Blog Team Members is simply amazing!! I have been so surprised at the comments and compliments I have gotten.  So, I received an amazing box of beads to ‘play and create’ with, create wonderful new designs and then I get to be told how ‘wonderful’ I am…. talk about a boost to my ego!!!
All that being said…. I did it again!  Today I will show off a new creation that I designed around the Prima Beads  welcome box, BUT, it will be a two part lesson!  Today I will show off how I created the necklace and tomorrow I’ll show you the earrings and finished creations.  Remember, most of these will be put into an auction to benefit the American Red Cross when  they all get done!!
I started with these beads….
And then added these from my own stash…
I first took the cross and added a headpin and Swarovski Crystals to make it the center.  If you look at the head pin I actually put the ‘head’ at the top and the loop at the bottom.
Then I laid out my designs.  If you look, you’ll see the headpins already on the Swarovski Crystals (ready to be turned) and that I placed them away from the ‘dangle’ crosses.
These head pins have already been turned and attached to the bottom ring on the cross.
Now you can see that all the headpins have been cut and turned and then laid back out in the design order.
Here the beads are being put on the wire choker (that is purple) that is pre-made.  The beads slide over the ends of the wire easily, however, the Swarovski Crystal dangles are put – one at a time – onto the wire, each with a jump ring.
Because the end beads slide off the ends of the wire I wanted to use crimp bead covers as ‘stop beads’.  These little creations are wonderful to cover crimp beads, but also as ‘filler’ or ‘stop beads’ in creations.  They can be added at ANY point of the design because they are open and you will not need to remove the entire beaded creation to put them on.
Come back tomorrow and see the earrings I created and the finished creation!
I just couldn’t let today get by with out listing a new creation!!  Here is today’s… it is simple, but very very cute!! The black onyx beads almost look like watermelon seeds to me!! What do you think??
Here is the current project I am working on.  I started the strap last night, and that is where I left you, but I also want to show off the finished center, remember, you can watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day!!
A winner has been chosen and notified!!  Was it you??  Go check it out!!
Today’s featured artist is: crowedesigns.  This wonderful artist has a wonderful story to her creations!  She started – like many of us – as a child creating and designing.  But do to an inspirational high school teacher she learned to use old items to make new creations!!  I have to say that these masks are simply phenomenal!!  But, there is also jewelry and crochet in her studio, so make sure you go see all the wonderful handmade items she has!!  Remember, always support handmade artists if you can!!
Nature Sprite Fantasy Masquerade Mask
 Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

A person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.  -Shirley MacLaine
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