Tantalizing Tuesday 7/2/13

Another day of beading down, so many to go!!  My life seems to really get into a routine, but that is OK, I am good with routine!!  I have to say that there are so many creations in my head, I wish that I had more time…..yep, more time to bead!!  I know that you all think that all I do is bead….I don’t, but it is really what keeps me sane! 
There are many ways that this has turned into a business, however, it is still the creations and the creating that makes it more pleasurable.  The paperwork, the time on the computer working my site, the many many many hours working on my business plan….those are all things that I could ‘leave by the side of the road’, if I could.  It is, however, the way that I can keep creating!!  The more time I spend ‘balancing’ my BUSINESS with CREATING the more I find my business growing!!
Even after growing and having many sales it is still such a wonderful think to get a sale!  I still, after all this time get a little bit ‘giddy’ and it brings me so much pleasure to send out my creations.  I always remember making the creation, then pack it and send it out with love!!
Do you still feel this?  Are you still waiting on the first sale??  Let me know, I am always interested in other peoples stories and ALWAYS willing to share my experiences!!
I actually have 2 new listings to show off today.  The first one is for the CreationsColorChallengeGroup challenge.  The colors that were given last week were Red and Black, so here is what I created, what do you think??
Then I just had to list this one for today.  I love that look of this – the contrast between the colors, the different end caps…yep, I like the way this one turned out!!
Have you noticed the dragonfly stamped metal on all my new creations??  I have stared including this in every creation I make – it is now becoming a signature….nice!! 
Yes, I am still working on my miniature dressing screen….aren’t you watching?  Here is where I left off yesterday, you can watch my Fan Page or Google+ page to watch this creation grow and see the story that goes with it,  throughout the day!!
 Only one day left….come on over and enter, it is very easy!! 
Today I want to feature lillybeadsdesigns.  This wonderful lady is just starting out her Jewelry Making Business and I have to say that she is creating some wonderful things!!  She recently decided to be a stay-at-home mom and wife and found that with her extra time at home she could create beautiful jewelry! I just fell in love with this bracelet…it is just so beautiful!  She has a very eclectic style and I am sure you’ll find something you like when you look through her Fan Page (she doesn’t have a studio yet, but you can purchase right from her Fan Page).  Go over and look and remember, always support handmade artists, they create out of love!!
I would like to leave you with this thought today;

Look for the sunrise in the morning.  Look for the moon and stars at night.  In these places, you will see the possibility of a new day and find hope!
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5 Responses

  1. I don’t make many sales but when I do I get really excited about it. Happy beading!

    • Krafty Max

      oh my, I am sorry, but keep your chin up, they will come!! Thank you!! ~KM

  2. Thanks, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Christy Garrett

    You have some amazing jewelry. I wish you luck in growing your business. It is lots of work but it is so worth it.

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you very much @christy Garrett! ~KM