Tantalizing Tuesday 8/13/13

Today is another wonderful day in the making!!  I am so excited about my ‘minions’!!  I hope that your day is full of wonder and crafts too!! 
There is so many things that I do around the house and with the kids that I just don’t mention, but this one I just had too!  Monster and I worked together to make homemade meatballs yesterday!  It was WONDERFUL!!!  He was a bit ‘grossed’ out when he found out there were eggs in it, but other than that I think he had fun!  I have to take a moment and THANK my mother.  She is an amazing cook and my youth was spent helping and learning from her.  I don’t always cook from scratch anymore, but when I do, it is because of what my Mom taught me!!  So, here are our meatballs….
And YES, it was WONDERFUL!!!  Sorry, there weren’t much left over to share!!
Here is today’s newest listing… VERY unique!!
So, the Minion is coming right along, what do you think??  Come watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day !!
Here you go, a Book for Beaders Give-A-Way.  You can enter to win both or just one….
Today’s featured artist is: JoyfullySewnDesigns. This amazing seamstress gives her Grandmother the credit for teaching her to sew.  And, like many she was taught to put her love into each creation she makes – and it shows.  Just look thought her studio and you can see the attention to detail.  Her prices are amazing as well!  Remember, always support handmade artists when you can. 
Girls Blue and White Modest Winter Snowflake Jumper Size 6
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Never tell people how to do things.  Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.  
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4 Responses

  1. Paula

    You should share that recipe, if you can. They look good!

    • Krafty Max

      I don’t mind sharing, but I don’t use a recipe!!

      1 pack good hamburger
      1 pack pork sausage
      1-3 cups bread crumbs
      1-3 eggs
      salt/pepper/celery salt/onion salt/ garlic salt/

      Mix by hand! IF sticky add eggs, IF soupy add bread crumbs!

      Cook at 325 for 20-30 minutes, cool and add to sauce!

      ENJOY!!! ~KM

  2. Yummy, I am coming over to your house to eat some leftovers. 🙂

    • Krafty Max

      Sorry, alredy gone!! 🙂 ~KM