Tantalizing Tuesday 9/10/13

It is Tuesday!!! I am so excited!  Yesterday I kicked off several things and I still have new things to show off!!! 
Yes, there is more!! 
 I know that many of you read everything I write – and I can not even start to tell you how much that means to me – but I would like to ask you a favor!!  Is there a way that you can ‘share’ my blog with others??  I have been trying to bring up my blog readership over the past few months and I don’t seem to be making much progress, so I thought I would ask you… yes, YOU!  No, there isn’t a contest or something to win, but YES, there is the joy of knowing that you are ‘spreading’ the Krafty Max love around!!  So please, SHARE, copy the link and send it to someone, or simply tell someone about my blog – I will be so very grateful!!!!
Today I am changing the order of my blog!  First up is my newest listing!  I just love the way this turned out – it is VERY unique.  If you would like to see all the different ways it can be worn just click on the photo and you’ll go to the actual listing!! 🙂
P.S. For those of you that are intersted in my bracelet patterns, I have been listing more and more of them.  Please check it out – http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/KraftyMax/0/0/241035  – and watch for more each day… they are only $6.50 each and they are emailed directly to you!
Yesterday I was able to start a new project and boy, has it gotten some great ‘comments’ so far!  I am not sure what the stone is, most of my followers say they think it looks like LAVA!!  I do to, and I will do my best to find out exactly what it is before I am done!  But for now, you can come on over and watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day !!
And yes, there is another photo from my AMAZING ‘Tis the Season‘ selection!  I am just so excited to start creating with ALL these items!!  Just think about my ‘jumps for joys’ when I opened the box the first time….there were a few ‘horrays’ too!! Here is the 4th photo (one more tomorrow)!!
And now, for the give-a-way!  Yes, I am giving away a NEW copy of The Prayer Box written by Lisa Wingate!!  I am so excited to be reading this one!!  I just fell in love with ALL her books, but the first one in this group was The Sea Glass Sisters, which touched me!  One of the main characters actually makes jewelry and has her own shop….I make jewelry and dream of owning my own shop!!  So, hurry over (it is only open for a week) and enter to win you own copy!
I also am so very PROUD to announce the winner of the Review and Give-a-Way on the My Daily Ramblings.  Ms. Angie picked a winner and sent the name to me… it is Maxine Rebeles!!!!  I have already sent her the $25.00 certificate to my studio – congrats to you – and have fun picking out something!! If you missed the review, here it is….
Today’s featured artist is; Raggedydollys.  This amazing artist has been creating items to share for over 25 years!!  The deication and attention to detail is easy to see.  There is a line in the Bio that just makes everything fit –  I enjoy what I do so I don’t call this work! I get to have fun creating on a daily basis.  That is the essance of an artist – or a crafter turned artist!!! Please go check out this great studio and remember to always support handmade artists!!
Grow Old With Me Primitive Red Wood Sign
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
The turning point, I think, was when I realy realized that you can do it yourself.  That you have to believe in you because sometimes that’s the only person that does belive in yor success but you.  ~Tim Blixseth
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