Tantrum Thursday 10/11/12

Today I have to say that I have been a bit busy lately.  I am going to be writing something that is NOT a Tantrum, however, I think that most of you will understand.  There are some personal things that have taken me away from my ‘beading’ life lately.  I have been still showing off my new creations and I have been ‘stocking’ up with my creations over the past few months.  As many of you know I have a part-time job now (one that I LOVE) but I find that it takes me away from my beading time.  
There is something else that I haven’t told most of you, and after much consideration, I am going to tell you all now.  As most of you know I have 3 kids…. a 21 year old son that lives with his fiance in California.  After serving in the Army for 2 years he is not ‘my baby’ anymore!  I am EXTREMELY proud of him and wish that all his dreams come true.  I also have a beautiful 12 year old daughter, Aye, who has an IQ of over 150!  She is in the gifted program at her middle school and is a talented artist in her own right.  
Now for the part that most of you don’t know.  My other son, Monster, who is 7 is where my life goes.  He has been diagnosed with ADHD and Extreme Behavioral Syndrome for over 3 years.  We have had our ups and downs and with medications we have been able to handle amazing little man.  Over this past summer we had a LOT of problems with him though,  and after over 2 years of therapy he now has a new diagnosis, it is another Mood Disorder.   With new medication and great help at his school and therapists we are making great strides in the right direction.  There are many days, however, that my life is full of major fits and hours of screaming.  Then, there are days that my ‘little man’ is the perfect angel and wants to cuddle for hours in my lap.  
Again, this has been a long discussion – whether or not to share – all this with you, my ‘on-line’ family and friends.  The reason I finally have chosen to share all of this is that I have recently come across another family struggling with some of the same issues.  I realized that with my openness and by sharing some of the things that I have gone through I might be able to help others.  For my husband and I this has been a long journey and we have had to learn and re-learn so many things. 
Ironically what made me decide to do this now, was something that happened yesterday with my Monster.  He needed help getting his bike out the the shed and with my help we did.  But, in that process he noticed a Dragonfly on the top of our AC unit.  At first we thought it was alive and that we were rescuing it.  Once it was ‘rescued’ we discovered that it was dead.  My Monster had such a broken heart.  Not just because the Dragonfly was dead, but because I love Dragonflies and he wanted it to be alive for me!  This seemed to touch my heart to the core.  After taking some photos of the Dragonfly it is now sitting on the counter…. it will soon find itself preserved in a frame for my wall.  Anyone that has an exceptional child will understand this moment I had and why it touched me so much.  
For any of those of you that would like to ask questions, please feel free, I will answer any of them I can.  There are some things that we will still have to keep private and personal.
Here is our Dragonfly!!


Here is my new listing for today – it is all SWAROVSKI Pearls!!!  What a mix-up!!

Swarovski Pearls in a SHOW of Color 3 Piece Necklace Set


Now, for the FUN news!!!  Today I am starting a new promotion/sale.  This one is like no other I have done before!!!  Are you ready???


And of course, I have to have a featured artist – craftyforyou.  This amazing English woman learned from her Mother and Grandmother the fiber arts – just like they learned from her Great Grandmother.  I am very impressed with all of her creations….for the humans and pups too!  Please remember to always support handmade artist… we all do it for love!!

Mountain Meadow Chihuahua Dog Sweater



And now, for a closing thought for today;

Remember that HOW you say something is just as important as WHAT you say. 

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2 Responses

  1. Sandra Young

    Wow! You’re kids are all over the map! Thank you for sharing – the dragonfly story even brought a tear to my eye! You’re a wonderful person and I’m certain that there are a lot of parents out there that will connect with you. And yes, it is so true that HOW you say something is just as important as WHAT you say. (and the expression on your face too!) Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you so very much for your comments…. they really do mean a lot to me!