Tantrum Thursday 10/18/12

After last weeks Tantrum Thursday post (http://kraftymax.blogspot.com/2012/10/tantrum-thursday-101112.html) and all the ‘sharing’ I did about my son I almost feel like I should follow up with the last week’s progress.  Monster has been a busy bee over the last week.  As many of you know we went out stay with my husband for his National Guard duty.  One of the things I did with the kids was take them swimming.  If you look at yesterday’s post you’ll see the places where they WOULDN’T go swimming.  Here is where they did!!

And boy did they have fun!!! 

But, here is the wonderful side of my son.  He is happy and very ‘problem free’ in the out of doors when there are no rules or constrictions.  Changes in schedule and routine….he is not so good with.  I think over all, the weekend was a success, but I learned about a new problem over the weekend.  Monster does not like crowds.  It makes LOTS of since, but I just never really realized it. We ate as the Mess/Chow Hall several times over the weekend and it was very crowed with soldiers (all wearing the same uniform and for a 7 year old – very tall) and very noisy.  I think I always knew this, but just didn’t put it together.  We have been very careful about where/when we take him out, so this is just something else to watch for.

Anyone with a child like mine know that sometimes the hardest part is that on the outside he looks normal, but there are many things on the inside that just don’t work right. 

People often tell me –
    ‘he is such a normal boy, I don’t see anything wrong with him’. 

And my internal response is almost always anger…. do you think I am making this up?? 
But usually I say –
    ‘that is because of years of therapy, trial and error and medication’. 

Then there are those who state –
   ‘he doesn’t act like he needs medication’.  

And I always reply –
   ‘Of course, that is because he is on medication!!’

Do any of you face some of these problems.  Please share them with me.  I have had such a hard time getting more than ‘book’ experience shared.  I have read all the books……researched, but hearing first hand and from someone who has gone through some of this…. priceless!


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And for a closing thought here is a simple word….

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