Tantrum Thursday 11/10/11

Today I seem to have SO many TANTRUM’s to choose from!  Somehow I must only choose one….. uummm, ok, here it is 
Now, let me start by saying that I know that MANY people need Handicapped Parking and are FULLY entitled to it (like my grandmother). 
My issue is with those who DON’T need it.
I can not tell you how many times I pull up to a parking lot and notice someone who CLEARLY doesn’t need the Handicapped Parking spot pulling into that ‘prime’ spot – often they don’t even have a hanger!  I notice that under ALL of these signs it says that there is a fine and you can be towed if you park there without a permit.  Have YOU ever seen anyone getting a ticket?  Have you EVER seen anyone getting towed?  I sure haven’t.  
Again, I know that some people need this wonderful parking and they fully deserve it, but when you see people abusing it it really gets under my skin. 
Many don’t even know the rules – even those who LEGALLY have the hangers.  Did you know that you are ONLY supposed to SHOW the hanger if you are in a Disabled Parking Spot.  It is NOT supposed to be there while you are driving!  Oh MY!
So for all of you that are out there PARKING in DISABLED spots who are NOT permitted to, they’ll catch you.  If they don’t, it is called KARMA!!
I don’t have a new listing today, but I do have something to show you that I have been working on…. this is the progression of a beadwoven necklace
1. Choosing the colors and beads (15-20 minutes)
2. Working the main design of the necklace strap – several re-do’s (1.5 hours)
 3. Working along on the design (30 minutes)
4. Working along the design (1.5 hours)
5. Working along the design (2 hours)
I still have several hours of beading still to do on the ‘strap’ and then to bead the focal stone.  I am not sure why the name SARA has stuck in my mind, but from the moment I started that is what I knew I would call this necklace set.  The stone is very rough and has several ‘jagged’ edges on it.  I am very excited about the one!!
I have been featured in this beautiful collection by DesignsForAnAngel.  Talk about pure beauty!  Please go check it out, comment and leave some ‘stars’! 
Today I am only doing ONE hop – please join me!
Today’s thought, remember to look up – every once in a while – you might stumble, but you’ll have a great view!  ~KM
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5 Responses

  1. jskell911

    I agree with you- to a point. There are those who have “invisible” illnesses out there. And while you may think they do not need the space, because to you they look young and fine, they do indeed have a handicap. I know a woman with MS, who is in her 20’s and to look at her you would never know. But she certainly needs, and let’s face it, deserves that spot.

    But, yes- too many abuse the privelege that is not intended for them- like “borrowing” Grandma’s plackard.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes I agree there are invisible illness too. My mom who needs to use it ( she is waiting for a heart transplant) and “looks” fine. She refuses to because people have yelled at her for using a space they didn’t think she needed,this is very embarassing for her. I don’t believe she should even have to explain herself. You never know someone elses life. And if she has forgotten her card yes I park there for her anyway but I am well aware I may have to pay a fine but if I do the $500 is well worth the money if it saves my mother from having another heart attack. So please realize there are people who choose to deal with their illness in private and keep their dignighty and we should respect that.

  3. Krafty Max Originals

    Thank you for reminding me that there are people out there who don’t LOOK sick. And for them, I must say that I am sorry. But I know that about 1/2 of the people who are using these – or not even bothering to use them – don’t need them, they take up the space that should be for someone who deserves it – or needs it. My complaint is only to those who ABUSE or IGNORE the system! Thank you for your comments, they are truly appreciated! ~KM

  4. Grace InAZ

    I absolutely LOVE the beadwork – the colors are gorgeous!
    I agree with the handicap parking issue, although I am one of those who don’t look handicapped. On my good days I use regular parking, but when my knees or back are killing me I do use the handicap parking. I am sure some folks think I don’t belong there, just because so many abuse it.
    I am blog hopping & following you from Katherine’s Corner. Growing Old With Grace http://growing-old-with-grace.blogspot.com/. Hugs, GraceinAZ

  5. Susan

    Great tantrum. I have handicap parking placard, and walk with a cane. I have witnessed too many times people abusing the placard, you can just tell they have the placard for when they are transporting someone who needs it, a spouse or a parent. but they abuse it and use it to go to the convenience store or whatever. I can tell you, that the only way to get a ticket given out is to be right there, and call the cops, and hope they get there before the perpetrator leaves. Also, I can not begin to tell you how many IDIOTS drive around with that placard hanging, can’t they read…I think being able to read is mandatory for a driver’s lic. We did witness a woman in a parking lot get a ticket, for having it hanging before she was parked. we chatted with her afterwards, as I was very interested. she said she was hanging it as she pulled in, and told the cop that. he gave her the ticket anyway, and told her not to hang it until she was stopped and the engine off!
    Oh well.

    your necklace is going to be beautiful when done. I wish I knew how to make those multi stranded beads together like that.

    Love n light,

    visiting from Katie’s thursday blog hop