Tantrum Thursday 11/1/12

I know that today is for a Tantrum, but with Halloween yesterday and all the fun that came with it….I just can’t find anything I want to throw a Tantrum about.  Monster and Aye dressed up and went ‘trick or treating’ around the neighborhood with Grandma last night…. oh boy, more candy!!  But just look at them…
I am just glad that Aye is still willing to dress up!
I have been working on my brown beadwoven set so much this week (If you would like to follow along, you can on my Fan Page or Google+ page) that I didn’t get a chance to make new items, but with over 400 listings in my studio I think showing off my ‘older’ creations is a good idea too!  This one is so very beautiful!  Just look at those Swarovski Crystals!

Its a little GREY Outside – Swarovski Crystal 3 piece set

Today’s featured artist is; CricketsHandknits.  This amazing artist has done what most of us dream of – she is actually making a living with her creations!  She is a full time artist and hand designs and makes each of her beautiful creations without the benefit of traditional patterns.  You really must see her studio in order to understand how many beautiful items she really has!  And remember, always support hand made artist!!
And now, to leave you with a thought for the day;
511 Things Only Women Understand;  That juggling a job, home, children, family finances and a social life does not make you Wonder Woman.  It makes you Average Woman!
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