Tantrum Thursday 1/19/12

Today’s tantrum is simple
TV Ads!
Yes, I know, there isn’t much to say about them – we all hate them!  But the things that I find interesting is how they have become something more.  People complain all the time about how the ‘barbie’ image hurts girls self esteem, but I have not heard people complain about how companies teach bulling and really bad morals.  Why are people not complaining about that? 
When I was a kid there was this law/rule that my dad used to tell me about that advertisers couldn’t talk about their competitors in their commercials.  They couldn’t use their logos or even their food to ‘discreadit’ their competition.  Now most of the FAST FOOD ads that I see have at least one of their competitors characters or logos in them and they are basically bulling their competition.  Many of the commercials have degrading things to say about each other and their products.  How is it that we have gone so far as to say that degrading each other is OK?  
Think about how many commercials our kids watch.  Not just the one’s on Saturday morning cartoons, but throughout the day.  Even during the news it become a ‘war’ of the companies as one after another fight, degrade and bully each other. 
What message is that telling out kids? 
I honestly find most of the commercial that are on the TV offensive and in very bad taste, what about you?  
And political commercials….oh, that is a tantrum for another day!
Here are today’s Kraftydora bracelets… I am having so much fun with these!! 
Today I am featuring a Google+ page.  I recently found this great page called Ladders-Online.  I have SHARED several of their great videos and photos, but they also have come to my page and commented on my posts too!  This is called networking and I think they do it VERY well!  Yes, they actually sell ladders – everything from step to several different types of ladders.  So please, go visit them and add them to your circle… you never know when you’ll need a ladder!!
No hops today, just toooooo busy!!
But I’ll leave you with this thought – 

Culture is to know the best that has been said and thought in the world.
-Matthew Arnold
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  1. Pam~The Treadmill Knitter

    Such a great point KM!! Can’t tell you how many times my kids come to me telling me I should buy some great product they just saw on a commercial….I’ll lose it when they start telling me how to vote!