Tantrum Thursday 12/1/11

Today I have so many things to be thankful for that it seems hard to find something to throw a Tantrum about.  After really thinking it over I thought I would talk about Driving Safety around school buses.  Now for anyone who lives near a school I am sure that this is a HOT topic for most of the year.  I know for me it is!  I live near a school (about 3/4 mile away) my son catches the bus (to another school) and I have to drive Aye to school.  So I am seeing it from ALL sides.
I realized that not all cities/counties/states have the same rules about busses and the bus stops, but for us there are only really a couple.  SLOW DOWN in a school zone to 15 mph (at aloted times) STOP when a bus has it’s lights flashing and the STOP sign out and basicly look out for the kids.
Now, that sounds simple enough, right?  Then why is it that some of the worst offenders are PARENTS themselves?  I can not tell you how ‘stupid’ people get when a bus stops and those lights start flashing!  And I am not talking about just the people driving!  We have these parents that will pull in front of the bus, load/unload their kids and then drive away!  What about the other kids that are still loading/unloading?
 If you are picking your child up via a car on the side of the road at a bus stop, could you PLEASE pull off the sidewalk so other people/kids can still use it instead of walking into the traffic?  If you are picking your kids up via a car from the bus could you PLEASE not stop in the middle of the road – pull off like the rest of us!
Now at our stop there are these wonderful signs that say
For many of our cars those sign mean “HERE IS A GREAT PLACE TO PARK”.  I am not sure what/why the signs were put up a couple of years ago for, because other than the day they were put up no one has inforced this rule! The numerous calls to the police does not do any good….they are to busy to come at the right time to check out what is going on!
I know that your kids are important, but because you are a parent you should understand that other kids lives are important too.   I know that MY kids are just as important as YOURS.  Could you PLEASE watch out for my kids, as well as your own?
Now for a new listing!  This simple little bracelet is brand new to my ArtFire Studio.  What do you think?
Today’s feature – a great collection of artists!
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For today I would like to have you STOP, take a BREATH, and say I AM HAPPY – even if it is only for that moment, at least you have that moment!  ~KM
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  1. songbyrd on the mountain

    Beautiful bracelet! yumalicious!
    thank you for your post about bus safety. I drove school bus for 8 years and keeping those precious ones safe was top priority!!

  2. ~April~

    Came by on the Thoughtful Thur. Hop 🙂
    Following GFC and NetworkedBlogs

  3. Krafty Max Originals

    @songbyrd on the mountain Thank you for the compliment Ms. Songbird! Someone else must have liked it too, it is already sold!!! ~KM

  4. Krafty Max Originals

    Welcome! I am running behind this week, but I’ll be over to check out our blog this weekend and I’ll follow you back!! ~KM