Tantrum Thursday 12/29/11

Oh my goodness, is it really 12/29/11?  When did that happen?  It is strange, but even with all the ‘blogging’ and ‘posting’ I do, still, loose track of time!  I think that this time of the year it is a little harder for me to have a tantrum, I know that I did last week, and I am sure I can think of something for this week, but it seems to be just to wonderful of a season to complain!  
That all being said, I would like to rant just a little.  I know that kids do better without technology and that ‘spoiling’ our kids is not always the best idea, but….. I also love to give my kids what they want.  I know that is spoiling, but you know what, I can spoil them if I want to – mothers PREROGATIVE
My children know the value of a hand made item.  They know how much love and time goes into making just about everything.  They give and receive many handmade items through out the year.  They are both crafters themselves!  But I did enjoy my Monsters face when he opened his DSi (he had been asking for about 2 months for one – just like sissy’s).  And yes, it has been his obsession for the last couple of days, but you know what, that is OK.  Not only will the ‘novolty’ of the DSi run out pretty fast, but I am also a responsible parent that will say – turn that thing off and go out side and play!  
I seem to have been bombarded with people – bloggers and friends – that seem to think that technology and ‘commercail’ toys are BAD.  I don’t think they are bad, I just think they need to be limited.  I DO buy handmade, I DO support other artist and I DO give my children handmade things throughout the entire year.  My children are both on the honor roll at school, they are both VERY well mannered and yes, they have COMMERCIAL TOYS. 
But this is just my Tantrum, what are your feelings??
Here are more photos from our Christmas!  The first one is Christmas eve, Monster putting the Chocolates and milk out for Santa!
Then there is what our tree looked like Christmas morning…..oh boy, do you see the size of some of those boxes??
And here is Aye and Monster investigating their stockings!
Tomorrow I’ll show more of Christmas morning!!
I would like to show off a blanket I made for a friends new ‘little girl’.  I just love using variegated yarns, they are simple and easy!  This is just a straight row granny square stitch, but it is very cute!
Any of you that have followed my blog for any amount of time, knows that I just love wood worked items.   I have found this new studio – SandraHealy, and her work is just amazing!  Making over 250 different species she really has perfected her talent over the past 35+ years!  You really have to go see all her work to understand just how beautiful these creations are.  Please don’t forget to visit her other links and to let her know where you heard about her.
Don’t forget to enter – only a couple of days left!!
you could win this Krafty Max Originals bracelet!
Today’s blog hop
I closing I would like to remind everyone that with the New Year comes not only resolutions but also realizations.  Is there anything in your life that you need to face?  NOW is the time! ~KM
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3 Responses

  1. bluecrayons

    i was taught this, it doesn’t matter what others think of how you raise your kids because there yours and not theirs.

  2. amber

    Yes I can vouch your kiddos are spoiled but your a great mom and there great kids so it goes to show spoiling them does not make them who they are. There just great kids with a lot of stuff lol

  3. Marsha Wiest-Hines

    We bought our now 19 yr-old son a computer for his 3rd birthday. My Early Childhood Family Education class assured me it was a horrible mistake. Funny, he played soccer until High School, was a National Merit Scholar, and has never been in any sort of trouble in his life. Every parent is the best authority on their own child. Stuff is never the problem, when there is one. Give them what you choose and your love and everything else takes care of itself. There’s my tantrum for you!