Tantrum Thursday

Yesterday was a busy day!  I am sure that I can find something to have a Tantrum about today, there is always something on my mind!  I think I will talk about School Supplies!  Yes, those wonderful symbols of fall and the start of the School Year.  As the mother of two school age children I already have MANY items ‘in stock’ that will be used for supplies, however, there are always a few things that need to be gotten.  

My Tantrum come in when we go to our local store and there is a list of school supplies that has been printed out for our school and I purchase all the items on the list.  I am a good mom, I usually get ALL the things (even if this means shopping all around town for that ONE color of folder that no one has) and maybe even a couple of the extra items. 
BUT THEN….. we get to school and there is not only a NEW list, but a completely different list!  The two days of hunting and searching for that special folder has gone to waste because the TEACHERS list doesn’t even have it!
So, what to do?  Run around and return everything?  Just keep everything (more to store)?  Give the items to the school?  Give the items to someone who might need them?  I usually do one of the last two.  It is just to much to waste the gas to return that folder that only cost $0.79 to begin with.  
Any of you have school age kids?  I know that most of you do.  What do you do about the SCHOOL LIST?  Is is one of those races to gather everything once the TEACHER LIST is brought home a week into school?  Is there a secret I just haven’t found yet?  
Today there will NOT be a new listing, sorry, I was just to busy to get photos done yesterday!!  
Today I want to show off this wonderful canvas from paintboxcrafts.  This self professed ‘color addict’ has some wonderful creations in her studio.  Here newest passion is hand crafting lamp work beads!!  Please go check out her studio and let her know where you heard about her.

Sorry, no hops today!  I have been working like crazy on custom orders….. things are crazy!!  
Life is short, today you should savor every moment!! ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. beautiful swag store

    First of, I remember the days when school supplies where less than $20.00 a child. For a southern belle like myself to admit to my age..that would make all my family members shun me.

    Secondly, I have been there and done that myself. We bought a prepackaged box of school supplies one year for both of our children. One kindergarden and one second grade. We spent estimated cost $100.00 between the two. The day of meet the teacher we received a second list equally $70.00 in value. We had to have before school start. If you know my DH which none of you do. He insistantly became a deadly volcano when he saw the secondary list. He tried to talk to the principal about the ridicious amount of money for school supplies. The principal basically accused my dh of not caring enough for his kids to purchase it for the second grader. Let me tell you that was the start of a school year from hell for all of us.

    Thirdly, I am so happy the new school my kids are in break down the list in three part. The manadatory child’s must have, school room donation, and teacher’s wish list. This way if the parents are hard up for money they can purchase it in three installments instead of all at one time. A little common senses goes along way.

    Fourth as a parent that might have to get a second list because of ensuing move either to another area of the current state we live in or across country again. I pray that all schools take the step this school has taken in breaking down the freakin’ list to help with the finanical burden of supplies.

    Fifthly, stop cutting the education budget people!!! The kids are our future. They should be put first not last.

  2. Krafty Max Originals

    @beautiful swag store

    Oh my goodness, I am so so so with you on all of this!! This year my middle daughter, AYE, is going to a special Magnet school that has a SHORT mini list. I can’t believe that I have so LITTLE to buy for her!! I am waiting for the other shoe to drop – so to speak!!

    Thank you so much for following my blog and my TANTRUMs!! ~KM