Tantrum Thursday

It is time for a tantrum!!
Yep, it is Thursday again and I am ready to go!!
This week I really need to talk about Movie Theaters! 
Yes, there has been a lot of talk about BABIES being band from restaurants and Airlines, but for me, it is theaters!  Trust me, I know that this will make many people upset and I hope that you all understand that this is MY opinion, and my OPINION ONLY!
We now pay at least $5.00 per ticket and most of the time much MUCH more than that to see a movie.  During the daytime when I go to get the ‘best price’ I do not mind kids – especially when the movie is anything rated under PG13.  Actually, any movie PG13 and under is fine for kids, but babies?  
I am a mother of 3, I completely understand wanting to go out in the world and see a movie when I had my little ones.  However, I DID take my BABIES to the movie with me with the understanding that I might NOT be able to see the whole movie.  When/If my baby started to cry and fuss I would take myself and my BABY out of the theatre to have our CRY TIME in the hallway. 
The other day I went to see the Green Lantern (after the discounted hours) and there was this CUTIE PIE in the first row with her parents.  She couldn’t have been more than a year old.  All this blond hair and a cute little ‘watermellon’ dress on – she was precious – right up to the start of the movie.  Then when the volume went up and the lights went down she decided it was too much!  Her screams could be heard up in our HIGH row throughout the opening ads and previews.  By the time the movie started there were screams and yells about wanting to go home.  The frustrating part was that the parents didn’t seem to mind, or they just ignored it.  Finally, about 10 minutes into the actual MOVIE the mom took the CUTIE PIE out and didn’t return. 

I am very sorry that MOM missed the movie and that CUTIE PIE didn’t like the movie, but I paid more for that movie than I did the lunch we ate before we got there!
Please, DO take your BABIES and KIDS to the movie, enjoy them and the movie.  BUT, if the BABIES or KIDS don’t want to be there, take them away!  It isn’t fair to all the other people in the theatre that just had to mortgage their home to come see this over loud, over graphics movie if your kids cry or scream through the movie!  I can’t tell you how many movies I have only seen 20 minutes of until they come out on DVD!!
Picture of Aye from camp…. 
she choose her ‘electives’!!!
Here is my listing for today.  Do you like it?
Can you believe it, I was put into TWO collections yesterday!  Please go view, give them stars and comments – the more the better!  Each click helps!!
Again, no hops today…. next week life may get back to normal, whatever NORMAL is!!?!?!  
Remember today, as you wash your dishes, to be thankful for the food that you were able eat on them and don’t worry about the ‘prunnie’ hands!!  🙂  ~KM
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4 Responses

  1. Zombie Mom

    I agree about the movie and much to the dismay of others I also agree with the restaurant banning children under 6. I am a mom to a 10 and 12 year old so I’ve been down the road many, many times. There are certain venues (such as expensive restaurants) that are not made for children. There are many options for children and if this particular business does not wish to cater to young children I feel they have that right. They may lose business, but that is their choice. Whew, what a ramble, lol…Thanks for the great post and your jewelry is fabulous!

  2. beautifulswagstore

    We rented movies or found a babysitter to go to the movies…we never took our babies.

    Now airlines and resturants that is another thing..resturants don’t ban babies..most of the income from resturants are those parents needing to get out..create a seperate area for families that is friendly to all ages, airlines we families need the airlines for those long distant trips due to family emergancies that often come up. If you are traveling with a child under 5, use benadryl, children’s pain releive, or decognestants 30 mins before boarding this will help with the air pressure change. My kids are old enough but we have ear troubles we still do this if we have fly.

  3. Doris Sturm

    Banning would not even be necessary if people just used common sense, but when society fails to make responsible decisions, then the businesses have to establish rules and regulations that do offend some folks. Can’t please everyone!

    I agree with taking a screaming baby out of a movie – or a restaurant – even church in order to respect other people’s sound barriers. There is such a thing as noise pollution, only very few people seems to be aware of it. It all boils down to courtesy, respect and common sense – something that seems to have gotten lost when the cell phones arrived! I HATE having to listen to other people’s conversations on their cell phones and why do they all crank up the volume when they speak on it? It’s like they have to shout clear to China!

    Silence is way underrated, but I treasure and defend mine!!! (sorry for the ramble!)

    Aye looks so grown up especially with that rifle in her arms LOL

    What’s not to like about your listing? It’s beautiful like all your work, Marci. I love the colors – reminds me of berries!

  4. Caren

    I love your jewelry listing, Aye’s pics and your tamtrum rant. I am right there with you!

    As you know, I teach elementary physical education. I LOVE the sound of active kids in class, BUT…. Having heard them all day, or all week, screaming children is the LAST thing I want to hear on my days off. If I pay for a movie, I should be able to HEAR the movie. So listen up people…. In the theater or a restaurant, or wherever, if you can’t keep your kids quiet, either leave them at home or leave period. No matter HOW cute they are.

    Have a great night!