Tantrum Thursday

I would like to show off a little before I get into my usual TANTRUM today!  First thing I wanted to show off is this beautiful set I made –

Here are the beads I got through the Artbeads ‘Winter Enchantment’ blogging fun promotion. All of us have had a very hard winter this year, so I wanted to create something to show off the beauty of winter and the encoragement that spring and rainbows would soon be back! The beautiful Grace Lampwork beads and Swarovski Pearls were provided through Artbeads and their blogger program.

Beads & Jewelry Supplies

This is another set I just made, I simply love the Hand Painted Dragonfly on this wonderful Black Onyx center piece.  Combined with Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls I made this necklace simple and elegant all at the same time!  What do you think??

Now, on to my Tantrum…..


I LOVE my FaceBook Fan Page and love being in touch with my MANY followers, however, FACEBOOK is making me very mad.  The have recently made a change to the Fan Pages and yes, I actually like them!  I really do.  Most of the changes are making it easier to communicate and simpler for my Fans to find info about me.  There are also a couple of features that I don’t like and that – so far – I have been having a hard time getting used to.  
……. HOWEVER …….

For over 4 weeks (long before the changes) I have had issues with my fan page reverting back to old post, old photos and even an old fan count.  After about 20+ refreshes I usually get the current page back and can get back to commenting and having fun.  My problem is with FaceBook’s customer service.  There IS NONE!  For all the money they are making, via advertisers, and all the people they have working for them, why can’t they have a competent customer service department?  I have now submitted my 9th, yes, NINTH customer service request and have yet to get even a reply.  I get the automated email, but other than that…. nothing!  I have tried to find a phone number, I found one, it was a message service ONLY.   I would really like to stop fighting with my Fan Page and would like someone to actually PAY ATTENTION TO ME.  I know that I am only a little ‘nobody’ in the world of FaceBook, 
but PLEASE, help me!!! 

So for today, here is my featured artist….JesseJanes.  I just love her great Scrabble Tile work!  This one just seemed to fit me today…. 

Please go visit her studio or her Blog and let her know 
what you think.  

Enjoy your day and remember

It is not how many years we live, but what we do with them.  – Catherine Booth

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  1. Kimberly

    I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting… I am now following and I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

    I have my weekend 6 in 1 blog hop starting tomorrow @ 3pm… where you can link up your blog, twitter, facebook, networkedblog, blogfrog and giveaways. You should swing by!

    All the best,